Happy Threeth!


Happy Threeth! What a third day of julie this year!
It begins with some fresh rain to loosen the slime
Of the breadth of humanity from the day past.
Wash away all the sick news and rancid forecast.
How about a New World Flood? I think that it’s time
For this Plague of Humanity to disappear.

Keep the ground nice and soggy… the air thick and damp
So a respite is forced on the kids for a day.
Why we simulate ordnance I understand.
It’s a species-wide death wish by nature’s demand.
Mother earth wants to excrete and flush it away.
She dislikes that her children treat her like a tramp.

Happy Threeth! It’s a pre-day for havoc untamed
In the streets – everywhere with bombs bursting in air.
It’s as festive a carnival cruise shipman’s show
As the prancing and drinking that goes on below.
On the whole, it’s a good thing. This life is a fair.
I do celebrate contrast and will not be blamed.

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