The Floor of the Dumpster

What then of this Billowing Hatred in me
That is too far away from the peace that I seek?
I despise every human this sick world has spawned
And that does include me. Seems a new day has dawned.
I could get used to battle. I pine for the bleak.
I don’t care that I’m troubled. I could kill with glee.

I pretend that I like people. It’s not my way.
It’s a means of survival. I couldn’t get by
Without having to deal with some half-human swine.
Human kind is my insect. This should be a sign
That I should be well listened to. Wanna know why?
I would kill in a heartbeat. That Would make my day.

What has made me the Beast? One’s Black Bitch with a wig
And with eyes that speak volumes with each practiced roll.
Have I cast enough pearls to the pigs in my way?
Do I forge a path forward through utter dismay?
I must do what I can to take back my control.
I am God Damned Pissed Off, and I will not renege.

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