The Reunion

Solar Eclipse

The Reunion is come in a short march of days.
It’s not something I dread. I know what to expect.
Or do I? There isn’t a thing to be done
To undo the momentum already begun.
I have conjured scenarios hard to reject
All because I’ve been human and ill in my ways.

I was strung out on crack during much of the time
I performed my bad deeds – quite oblivious to
The reality present and outside my skin.
Like a turtle in quicksand, my life took a spin.
Though, that’s not the excuse that I’m prepared to spew.
I have sinned against family. That wall I must climb.

Or, maybe I shouldn’t go near that great wall
That I know has been built because I’d done the same.
Only hurt people hurt people. This I have learned
At the sole cost of others whose lives I have burned.
I’ve forgiven myself, yet I’m tainted with shame.
I’ll just play it by ear. That’s my safest call.

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