Have I Shut the Hell Up?


I’ve climbed out of The Hell with its hot iron gate.
It’s a good thing I closed it by using a tool.
It has clunked into place. I have used a padlock
To make sure it’s secure so no demons can flock.
If some hag blocked my locking, that wouldn’t be cool.
I high tailed it out before it was too late.

I was caught way off guard by a Surgical Stare
From a butcher… or black woman. Both act the same.
Why I didn’t speak up as I should have, right then
Is a matter of shock. I’m not comfortable when
My surroundings will cause me to cower in shame.
All that hell is behind me. I really don’t care.

Like the FBI soldier let go with poor tact
I’m the Deer in the Headlights. Susceptible to
Silent Outbursts of Disgust that can’t be defined,
I am best to ignore them and keep my bright mind
Sharply focused on good things for days just a few.
I can wade through most contrast with my soul intact.

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