My Fear Does Not Spell Doom

Random Thoughts And Discomfort

If I feel I’m disgusting in some subtle ways
That delve into more obvious character flaws
Among even those I know of who I belong
Do I then reevaluate where I’ve gone wrong?
Have I failed at obeying spiritual laws?
Why do I fear someone giving me too much praise?

When I know what I don’t want, I know what I do.
There is nothing illogical or incorrect
About this fundamental statement. It tells me
That with any one thing, there are two ways to see.
What I do want is the proper one to select
If I am to enjoy life. This has to be true.

I invite supreme judgement through others like me.
Self-incrimination for all wrong I have done
Seems to be what I’m acting out. Never have I
Been in such a soul searching. Need I wonder why?
I shall feel better when deep purging has begun
To expel evil spirits and set my own free.

They do not mean disaster. They are meant to guide
Me from acting contrary to all I’ve become.
People do transmit loving thoughts regularly.
As I focus less on their judgements I can be
Receptive to the blessings that clearly come from
My ability innate to be terrified.

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