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Countdown To Contact

Alien Greeting

Any alien civilization that knows
Of our existence would be significantly
More advanced than we are. There’s no need for us to
Send out messages to them. From their point of view
For first contact to happen we’re more than ready
But for now they remain in the cosmic shadows.

Our knowledge of intelligent alien life
Is more likely to come from a different place
Like an observatory rather from a ship
That arrives suddenly. Scientists say the trip
Would be impossible because there’s too much space
Between them and us. With many theories we’re rife.

They believe that intelligent life does exist
Elsewhere in our own galaxy. If this is so
Would they want to contact us the way that we are?
Our involvement with war and greed means we’re quite far
From a nice place to visit, but for all we know,
With our issues they may have come here to assist.

It’s a fact that we’re not alone. Intelligent
Life exists far beyond the stars. This knowledge should
Speed up our own political maturity.
How does our worldwide ethics and morality
Measure up with the way goodness is understood?
Have we found the place of love and enlightenment?



The best choice you could ever make is not to care
What other people think of you. You want to be
The ‘cool’ kid – the one who gets all the attention
And your name is what you want people to mention
All the time, everywhere, but popularity
Is most often a shallow and fleeting affair.

You may think that you’re not enough just because you
Don’t fit in. It means only that you are unique.
A fake diamond ‘appears’ perfect but a real
One has flaws. You want always to be the real deal.
You’re Enough! All the constant approval you seek
Is preventing you from knowing all that is true.

It’s better to be hated for who you are than
To be liked for who you aren’t. Most people judge you
Based on someone’s opinion. You have to believe
In yourself. You have all that you want to receive
Already. Take a more positive point of view.
You can do more for yourself than anyone can.

Don’t trade your dignity for popularity
And don’t dim your light so that others don’t have to
Squint or hide. You were meant to stand out in the crowd.
In a few years you’ll look back on this and feel proud
That you took the time to care enough about you
To allow yourself to live more confidently.