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Energy And Attraction

Energy Focus

How important is energy to your success
In business and relationships? From one to ten
On a scale where one represents being near dead
And ten means that you are bouncing off the bulkhead
Where are you usually? Every now and then
An immense amount of energy you possess.

It’s been studied. Most people say they operate
At about six or seven. Would you do business
With a six or a seven? Why do you remain
At your energy level? The answer is plain
And simple. The people you hang out with are less
Energetic than you and you drop to their state.

What has all this to do with Law of Attraction?
A direct correlation between energy
And the manifestation of all things desired
Does exist. Joy gives you the energy required
To attract like a magnet and quite easily.
It all starts with the feeling of satisfaction.

How you feel is important so pay attention
To it always. It tells you how much energy
You’re allowing to flow through you in each moment.
You can feel your way to joy by conscious intent.
You have more energy as you live happily.
Blessings that come will be beyond comprehension.

In The Money

Raw Currency

We’ve been trained to believe that hard work is the key
To success in any endeavor. We’ve been told
That our struggle is virtuous so we believe
That it’s necessary in order to achieve
Any good life can offer. We’ve been undersold
By a mindset with which our true selves can’t agree.

Irritated by those who have lots of money,
Those who don’t demonize them yet at the same time
They would like to be like them. There’s a tug of war
Going on in their minds because what they abhor
They want badly and this is a huge psychic crime.
Negative emotion simply isn’t funny.

The truth is that you can attract what you desire
By your focusing on it and staying aligned
With you highest vibration which means get happy.
Practice it until it comes on naturally.
To yourself and to all those rich bastards be kind.
Nothing but a little patience does it require.

Consider abundance as a dominant gene
Because it’s overwhelming. If you can let go
Of the mental resistance and take it easy
It will all come together. Indeed you will be
In a situation where the money will flow.
You’re most powerful when your vibration is clean.

The Fast Track To Abundance

Sleeping In Cash

Without even knowing it you were trained into
Your thoughts and beliefs about money by people
Who don’t have it. They’re struggling. They’re irritated
By the people who have it. What they’ve created
Is a mindset that in their lives can’t be helpful
And it may be hard to alter that point of view.

Look what’s going on. Just listen a little bit
To the national – even global dialogue
About money. It’s from the perspective of lack
So the reporting is all about keeping track
Of the lack. Many people are kept in a fog
About it. Their worry is of no benefit.

It doesn’t take much easing up on your habits
Of thought before abundance starts to flow to you.
When this much abundance is flowing and you do
Something radically different and brand new
Like relax your vibration your dream will come true.
Your trust in the process yields many benefits.

Fast money must be ‘bad’ money? This isn’t so.
Your wanting is like a rubber band pulled back far.
When you let go of the resistance it will go
With much power and quickly. The more that you know
About what’s holding you back the better you are
At correcting yourself as you go with the flow.