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Super Fast

Rocket Of Desire

Without any resistance rockets of desire
Shoot out from you and go to the outer reaches
Of the universe. From there they’re attended to
By spiritual forces. They offer to you
The way to their becoming. One who beseeches
Of the universe is caught in a huge quagmire.

When you ask it is given, in fact, right away
But by vibration only. You have to align
With the frequency of what you want for it to
Manifest into something physical for you.
With the temporary absence of it be fine.
Let the fact that you’ve asked for it brighten your day.

What are you fascinated by? Don’t let it be
All the problems, struggles, and the daily news feed.
Be turned on by the intricacies of your dream.
By taking full command of your consciousness stream
You take care of yourself and you don’t feel the need
To be anything other than resistance free.

Know who’s setting your tuner. Don’t let it be one
Who’s upset with you or someone in a bad mood
And your knee jerk responses. Decide to take care
Of your own tuner by being fully aware
Of your feelings. Take control of  your attitude.
Know that what you have asked for is already done.

In The Money

Raw Currency

We’ve been trained to believe that hard work is the key
To success in any endeavor. We’ve been told
That our struggle is virtuous so we believe
That it’s necessary in order to achieve
Any good life can offer. We’ve been undersold
By a mindset with which our true selves can’t agree.

Irritated by those who have lots of money,
Those who don’t demonize them yet at the same time
They would like to be like them. There’s a tug of war
Going on in their minds because what they abhor
They want badly and this is a huge psychic crime.
Negative emotion simply isn’t funny.

The truth is that you can attract what you desire
By your focusing on it and staying aligned
With you highest vibration which means get happy.
Practice it until it comes on naturally.
To yourself and to all those rich bastards be kind.
Nothing but a little patience does it require.

Consider abundance as a dominant gene
Because it’s overwhelming. If you can let go
Of the mental resistance and take it easy
It will all come together. Indeed you will be
In a situation where the money will flow.
You’re most powerful when your vibration is clean.