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Just A Few Laughs Away

Group Happiness

It’s so wonderful to come together with those
Like you who have come to the same understanding.
You’re determined to feel better. Your willingness
To find ways to get happy leads to your success
At most anything. Your presence is commanding
As through you, energy from your higher self flows.

Everyday because of the context in which you
Are focused you acknowledge that things could be more
To your liking. You know how to enter the mode
Of receiving. Your life is one huge episode
Of joyful adventure. More than ever before
You have confidence in knowing what next to do.

How you feel is worth dealing with. Your wellbeing
Depends on it. Find some process that makes you feel
A bit better. Play down anything negative
And play up everything positive. If you live
By this rule you may find that life is ideal.
Difficult situations are worth your fleeing.

You’re Just A Few Laughs Away from letting a whole
Lot of good stuff in. Make peace with where you are now.
Don’t be hard on yourself because you’re not where you
Want to be at the moment. Pay attention to
What you want then get into the mode to allow.
Happiness in life must be your primary goal.

Humor And Fun

Expressive Clowns

The effectiveness of humor is about the
Surprise factor which is all about knowing where
Your are always. Your timing is right on the mark.
If you want to be funny you can put some spark
In your humor by being consciously aware
Of the place where your audience happens to be.

In this world filled with hardships everyone faces
Unique struggles catered to our lives. Amid all
Of the chaos, the best advice is not to take
Life too seriously and give yourself a break
From it all with some laughter and right off the wall
Silliness. Negativity it erases.

Being funny has nothing to do with being
Able to see the lighter side. Being funny
Means providing fun or causing amusement or
Laughter. Someone who’s funny is hard to ignore.
But a sense of humor is the ability
To experience laughter which is quite freeing.

Having a sense of humor and being funny
Are both important. Humor helps us to release
Stress and tension. It helps to create memories
That are wonderful. It can even cure disease.
It’s the delicate balance between war and peace.
The best humor happens unintentionally.

Just A Few Laughs Away

The Levity Solution

All because of the context in which I’m focused,
Understanding who I am I take on with glee.
I like nitty gritty experiences where
I acknowledge that things could be better, and there
Is a trust that I feel that no harm comes to me.
If I can find some laughter in life, it is just.

I make too much of all of this. Life should be fun.
If I lighten up more I’ll find humor in things.
I’m too hard on myself in my relationship
With where I want to be. Misery I can skip
If I make peace with where I am. Many blessings
Are available to me, the determined one.

I’ll play down all the negative things about me
And play up everything positive I can find
In a life punctuated with so much disgust.
How I wish I were able to turn it to dust
But I can’t so I’m forced to just leave it behind.
In my next life I shall behave differently.

I must know that the universe will yield to me
All that I’ve created both now and forever.
Were I given a glimpse of the aerial view
Of my life’s full potential, I wouldn’t be blue.
I would be laughing insanely at whatever.
I’m already crazy. The rest comes easily.