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You Are A Creator

Home Business

Life has caused you to queue up for yourself a new
And improved version of your now reality.
The improvement that you’ve been asking for is in
The vibrational works. You’re prepared to begin
To receive your impressions of how things should be.
You become aligned with the evolved part of you.

The way you feel is your indicator of how
Near or far you are vibrationally from where
You would like to be. It lets you know just what you
Need to do if you’re feeling a little bit blue.
About how you feel you must give your utmost care.
Only then are you in the right mode to allow.

You don’t need others to cooperate with you.
If you think you do then you end up hindering
Your alignment. Stay focused on your creation.
Let the universe handle what needs to get done
Then the people will show up and their offering
Will be more than sufficient from your point of view.

Your attention to the uncooperative
Others won’t make them willing to cooperate.
Feeling good lines you up with cooperation.
You’re co-creative process is all about fun.
You create with perfection when you’re feeling great.
Take control of the wonderful life that you live.

Never Give Up

Natural Intention

If you want to be a politician, teacher,
Or a judge you’ll invariably become it.
It’s a punishment if you perceive it that way,
If your chosen path leads you to utter dismay.
When you feel that it would be easier to quit
Know that it’s the fate of every single creature.

Life provides all the contrast you ever could need.
If you don’t know what you want to be – if you live
The dynamic life of certain uncertainty
Then chaotic and unproductive life will be.
When you choose something give it all that you can give.
No one in the world can thwart your will to succeed.

Use your imagination. Find something that you
Love to do. Do it every day. Become obsessed.
Put pen to paper and declare your intentions.
Take time to explore the delightful dimensions
Of what you do. It helps you to give it your best.
You know what to give most of your attention to.

Push yourself to the limit. Never stop striving
For your goals until you reach them then set some more
And attain them. Each plateau becomes a springboard
To the next small achievement. You’re moving toward
Everything in life that you have come to adore.
At the place where you’re meant to be you’re arriving.

Responding To Negative Emotion

Anger Mob

When the natives get restless who should get uptight?
There’s no answer that makes any logical sense
Because it’s human nature. When we do something
That hurts us we keep doing it and it won’t bring
Any change in behavior so at great expense
We ignore any consensus on what is right.

I’m aware of my feelings. They’re moving toward
Something I don’t want happening. I’m asking for
Reassurance that I can get back to a place
Of alignment with who I am. I’m not my race.
I’m a spirit who should be giving a lot more
Attention to the fact that by God I’m adored.

I catch the feeling before it gains momentum
Then I can do something with it rather than let
It take me places that I would rather not go.
How I feel right now is all that I need to know.
Life cannot seem to me to be a constant threat.
My inner being is where all my strength comes from.

If I have an opinion about anything
And I don’t feel well as I’m thinking about it
It means that my inner being doesn’t agree
With what I’m thinking. It becomes then good for me
To be mindful of the vibration I transmit.
Negative emotion I find interesting.