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Before It’s Too Late

Joyful Moment

You can’t change things that happened a long time ago.
Don’t be bitter with yourself about what you’ve done
That showed your disconnection from reality
In the distant past. Right now is where you should be.
In this moment the rest of your life is begun.
There’s still some time left for your consciousness to grow.

Happiness isn’t the absence of problems. It’s
The ability to deal with them. Challenges
Aren’t to be backed down from as they offer the best
Lessons in life. You’re not being put through a test
So ignore most completely what anyone says
To the contrary. Live what your knowing permits.

Discuss your past with no one because only you
Know the true story and any significance
It may have to the present. They just may use it
Against you. Generally others are unfit
To hear that information. Don’t give them the chance
To create their own drama and skewed point of view.

Life changes for the better when you realize
That you don’t have to know everything and you don’t
Have to pretend that you do. If you can become
And eagle then don’t strive to be first among some
Flock of jackdaws. Decide in you mind that you won’t
Let the past be what causes your early demise.

Never Give Up

Natural Intention

If you want to be a politician, teacher,
Or a judge you’ll invariably become it.
It’s a punishment if you perceive it that way,
If your chosen path leads you to utter dismay.
When you feel that it would be easier to quit
Know that it’s the fate of every single creature.

Life provides all the contrast you ever could need.
If you don’t know what you want to be – if you live
The dynamic life of certain uncertainty
Then chaotic and unproductive life will be.
When you choose something give it all that you can give.
No one in the world can thwart your will to succeed.

Use your imagination. Find something that you
Love to do. Do it every day. Become obsessed.
Put pen to paper and declare your intentions.
Take time to explore the delightful dimensions
Of what you do. It helps you to give it your best.
You know what to give most of your attention to.

Push yourself to the limit. Never stop striving
For your goals until you reach them then set some more
And attain them. Each plateau becomes a springboard
To the next small achievement. You’re moving toward
Everything in life that you have come to adore.
At the place where you’re meant to be you’re arriving.