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Ninety Seconds To Midnight

Blank Time

Ominous trends continue to point the world to
Absolute self-annihilation. We are a threat
To ourselves so it seems. People sound the alarm
Constantly. No one listens. We do ourselves harm
By not doing so and we may come to regret
All the destructive activity that we do.

Earth experienced its hottest year on record
Only last year. There were massive floods and wildfires.
Other climate-related disasters affect
Millions of people worldwide. Why can’t we respect
Mother Nature? Can’t one of our strongest desires
Be to come to some kind of a global accord?

There’s an ever-present danger of weapons of
Mass destruction continuing to escalate.
China, Russia, and the United States are the
Leading powers. It sucks that we cannot agree
About much. Any dialogue may come too late
To save us. We’re a world quite deficient in love.

Everyone on earth has at least some interest
In reducing the likelihood of our doing
Catastrophic harm to earth and the human race.
Is there one principle that we all can embrace?
Is a  consensus on world peace worth pursuing?
Is a loving world one which we can manifest?

Appreciation Both Ways

General Thanks

We’re all in this together. We love it when you
Realize that you’re pure positive energy.
The power of saying ‘yes’ is so amazing.
In this world, you can have, do, or be anything
That you want, and we love your willingness to be
Here among us. Together we’ve much work to do.

In this time space reality we co-create.
While exploring the contrast we come to our own
Conclusions about what we want. This is how we
Go about creating our own reality.
We love it when you enter the creative zone
And come up with ideas that are truly great.

We adore your awareness of your vibration.
Your emotional guidance system helps you to
Steer your way through adversity. You don’t freak out
Nor do you become infatuated with doubt
That the negative circumstance you can get through.
We love that you own all that is your creation.

What we love most of all is when you calibrate
To the energy of your inner being and
Reach a higher vibration of your energy.
You can experience rapture quite easily
When the laws of the universe you understand.
We love it when you finally achieve that state.