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Give Up The Struggle

Buried In Work

It’s as if someone pointed at a twenty ton
Boulder and said, “Please carry it way over there.”
You should not care about that because you will not
Implement such an impossible task. A lot
Of stress you can relieve if you’re willing to care
About how you feel in every situation.

But if you really need to get it over there
And you focus upon what you want and why you
Want it, a way to get it over there will be
Revealed to you. You want to be completely free
Of the struggle that you think you need to go through.
Of the path of least resistance you’ll be aware.

Feeling good is a no brainer. If you feel stress
Then you want to feel better. So what can you do
To get yourself out of a stressful atmosphere?
Focus elsewhere and the solution becomes clear.
Give attention to something that elevates you
To the level of eventual happiness.

The reason you feel struggle is because you get
Yourself into a vibration where you can’t hear
What your true self is saying. Give Up The Struggle.
Find a blanket of joy and within it snuggle.
Things are not as terrible as they may appear.
Your surrender to who you are is an asset.