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Change Your Life


From a vantage point distant the earth may not seem
To be of any particular interest
But to us earth is special. It’s our only home.
All alone tucked away in a cosmic syndrome
Over eons consider how far we’ve progressed.
As a planet how would you rate our self-esteem?

Frequent misunderstandings among humankind
Spell disaster. World leaders cannot get along
For the most part. It’s been our reality since
The beginning. It’s not difficult to convince
Anyone into thinking that something is wrong
With someone. Hatefulness is so easy to find.

We delight in our self-imagined importance.
The delusion that we’ve some special position
In the universe is challenged by who we are
In reality – a species with a bizarre
Way of acting. Our spiritual condition
Keeps us bound in a most peculiar circumstance.

Each of us is a member of the human race
And as such we have a responsibility
To ourselves and the planet to continue to
Make progress as a species. The more you can do
To change something for the better the more you’ll be
Receptive to our evolution taking place.