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Change Your Life


From a vantage point distant the earth may not seem
To be of any particular interest
But to us earth is special. It’s our only home.
All alone tucked away in a cosmic syndrome
Over eons consider how far we’ve progressed.
As a planet how would you rate our self-esteem?

Frequent misunderstandings among humankind
Spell disaster. World leaders cannot get along
For the most part. It’s been our reality since
The beginning. It’s not difficult to convince
Anyone into thinking that something is wrong
With someone. Hatefulness is so easy to find.

We delight in our self-imagined importance.
The delusion that we’ve some special position
In the universe is challenged by who we are
In reality – a species with a bizarre
Way of acting. Our spiritual condition
Keeps us bound in a most peculiar circumstance.

Each of us is a member of the human race
And as such we have a responsibility
To ourselves and the planet to continue to
Make progress as a species. The more you can do
To change something for the better the more you’ll be
Receptive to our evolution taking place.

That Music

Magical Music

There are no accidents in this universe. We
All show up here with purpose. An intelligence
That is part of everything connects everyone
In this time space reality. What had begun
In an instant is now something truly immense
As far as we know how everything came to be.

The music of the universe is a real thing.
We don’t have ears to hear it but we respond to
The celestial vibrations. The eternal song
Of the universe can completely undo wrong
If we choose to march to it. We’re blessed if we do.
It’s the universe’s song that we want to sing.

Some of us may be fearful of listening to
That Music for whatever reason it may be.
Whatever That Music is, however distant
Or how strange it may sound it is most important
To interpret That Music as naturally
As you can. It’s basically a part of you.

Don’t get to the end of life not having taken
Time to dance while the music played. It’s up to you
To respond to the music in your special way.
Tuning into it is but a small price to pay
For the benefit of becoming a brand new
Human being. It can your spirit awaken.

Pale Blue Dot

Humbled In Insignificance

In the vast utter darkness, the throat of deep space,
There’s a chalk dust eraser mark. It can be seen
From a vantage point one quarter light year away,
And the mirror’s reflection has something to say
In reply, as if answering, in its routine,
How humans are insignificant as a race.

In the dust band, and faintly, a tiny chalk dot
Sits alone unassuming and much on its own.
Everything everyone has done happened right there.
Every heartfelt emotion from joy through despair
Has been felt on that blue dot deep in a dark zone.
There they think they’re important and fear that they’re not.

In the cosmic arena, its rivers of blood,
Spilled by soldiers triumphant that they could become
Fearless masters a short while, offer little hope.
Evolution appears to be on the down slope
As our most fervent hatreds are beating the drum
Of a race war that will take all out with a thud.

This is our only planet. A home we have made
Of this thing that has birthed us and keeps us alive.
For now, migration to other worlds is obscene.
Until we can learn to keep our own noses clean,
It is best that, as one world, we learn to survive.
But perhaps we can’t do that because we’re afraid.