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You Are A Creator

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Life has caused you to queue up for yourself a new
And improved version of your now reality.
The improvement that you’ve been asking for is in
The vibrational works. You’re prepared to begin
To receive your impressions of how things should be.
You become aligned with the evolved part of you.

The way you feel is your indicator of how
Near or far you are vibrationally from where
You would like to be. It lets you know just what you
Need to do if you’re feeling a little bit blue.
About how you feel you must give your utmost care.
Only then are you in the right mode to allow.

You don’t need others to cooperate with you.
If you think you do then you end up hindering
Your alignment. Stay focused on your creation.
Let the universe handle what needs to get done
Then the people will show up and their offering
Will be more than sufficient from your point of view.

Your attention to the uncooperative
Others won’t make them willing to cooperate.
Feeling good lines you up with cooperation.
You’re co-creative process is all about fun.
You create with perfection when you’re feeling great.
Take control of the wonderful life that you live.

The Awesome Power Of Focus

The Magnificent Mind

Life has caused you to queue up for yourself all kinds
Of improvement. The things you have been asking for
Are attended to by the Law of Attraction.
Things are coming together as you become one
With who you really are at your ultimate core.
We are creatures of magnificently made minds.

The way you feel is the indicator of how
Near or far away you are from your cherished dream.
You do not have to get other people involved
To succeed. Any issues of doubt are resolved
Through your own guidance system. You’re headed downstream
In the wellbeing river, if you will allow.

Your attention to the uncooperative
Components in creating will offer you more
Of the same. Others can be a part of your plan.
If the Law brings them to you. Believe, if you can,
That you can feel better than the moment before.
Be open to what the universe has to give.

You are powerful enough in your creation.
The cooperative others will assemble
According to good feelings. You have that control.
Happiness is your very most important goal.
Feeling ecstasy that makes your body tremble
Is always beneficial to most everyone.