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Wellbeing Is At Your Door

Welcome Home

Highs and lows are a part of life. Everyone knows
That one can’t feel on top of the world all the time.
Life can sometimes bring one to the depths of despair.
Getting over it is a natural affair.
Focus only on what in life is most sublime
And then live it. Stop contemplating on life’s woes.

Sometimes people have to lose it all before they
Bounce back into wellbeing. Unnecessary
Is this process but anything that helps you to
Realize your true worthiness is good for you.
Your losses are the very things that set you free
From your struggles. Then you’ll find things going your way.

Struggle only perpetuates the momentum.
Give it up and allow yourself to surrender
All of it to the universe. Letting it go
Gives you power. The contrast in life helps you grow.
Just relax. The peace that you’ll find will engender
The feeling of allowing the favored outcome.

Give into the wellbeing that’s knocking loudly
At your door. Be more mindful of all the goodness
That surrounds you. Start looking for the evidence
Of wellbeing in your life. It is there from whence
You may prosper in many ways. Total access
You have to everything that you’d have come to be.

Relax Into Wellbeing

Natural Panacea

My last low brought me to a place where I could not
Resist doing something about it anymore.
When one reaches rock bottom, nowhere else is there
To go but in the direction of loving care
Toward oneself and others. That’s what we’re here for.
The contrast I experience matters a lot.

From between the rock and the hard place, there is hope
Or despair. A thin line exists between the two.
One cannot remain stuck there without going mad.
With a change in perception some peace can be had.
Once things are gone there’s nothing else for me to do
But surrender the struggle and learn how to cope.

Must I suffer sufficiently before I learn
Anything to my benefit? I don’t have to
Live the experience of deep desperation.
Yet indeed anything that helps get the job done
Is fair game for the universe. All I can do
Is to figure out how to relieve my concern.

I don’t need the gut-wrenching experience to
Understand that I can always turn things around.
A comparative experience is needed
To the one most preferred. I will have succeeded
In relaxing into the new wellbeing found.
There is not much of anything I need to do.