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Wholeness And Wellness

Fresh Breath

To instill into your minds and thus your bodies
The sensation of wholeness within is the quest.
It’s the very sensation of wellness that will
Propel you toward the dreams you want to fulfill.
Magical things happen when you’re feeling your best.
The blessings of a wonderful life you will seize.

The mess that’s been created by our human race
Will only work itself out when we realize
Our greatest fears – hatred, violence, greed, envy,
Lust and so forth. Can we rid ourselves completely
Of these tendencies? Are we nearing our demise
As a species? What kind of future do we face?

We will realize our massive capacity
For greatness of both mind and soul. We will in time
Overcome our miscalculations of the heart.
It’s not likely that this world will be blown apart
Even though the conditions right now aren’t sublime.
This future may be somewhat difficult to see.

When you understand your own greatness you proceed
With an effervescent light which tracks the very
People and situations that energize you.
On a worldwide basis think of what we could do
To turn earth into a place joyful and merry.
In the mind’s eye is where your consciousness is freed.