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Make An Impact

Ready For The Fight

This world has many problems, some very severe.
It also has wellbeing, love, and happiness.
It seems like a no brainer that you would want to
Do whatever you can to help people get through
Difficulties. Compassion you’d want to express
To the ones in need of it. Your purpose is clear.

It can be overwhelming. The information
Floods the mind and it penetrates into your soul.
Complicated it all seems but it’s just unfair.
The world would be much better if people would care
More about one another. You can play the role
Of the uplifter with your friendly vibration.

The effect that you have on others is for you
The most valuable currency you possess.
Everything you gain in life will wither away
But the kindness you offer is likely to stay
In the hearts of most people. Can this be success?
In the mirror of life your reflection is true.

Life gives us not what we want. It gives us who we
Truly are and that is who can Make An Impact
In our everyday lives by the peace that we make
Among ourselves. Every bit of time that we take
To uplift others uplifts us. This is a fact.
Live your life not in vain but compassionately.

Make An Impact

Moral Machinery

On your deathbed you won’t be worried much about
How much money you made or the power you had.
You are going to see that it was all a game –
And illusion. The obstacles you overcame
Had no meaning. You don’t want to end feeling sad
About how you lived your life. There can be no doubt.

The only thing that’s going to matter is the
Impact you had on others’ lives. No one will care
That you struggled. They won’t talk about your success.
They will speak about all the love and happiness
That you shared, so it’s best that you become aware
Of what matters most right now that you clearly see.

Success is really important, but even more
Important than success is having an impact.
It’s knowing you have not walked the planet in vain.
Everything in your life that you happen to gain
Will rot and fall apart, but how you interact
With others earns you a high spiritual score.

The most valuable currency that exists
Is the effect you have on others. As you live,
Be the best that you can be to everyone you
Encounter. Let the spirit within you shine through.
You can give to this world all that you have to give.
Spirit knows very well what the ego resists.

Contrast and Suffering


It has happened and will happen someday to me.
From stardust I became and therefore must return.
I know contrast and suffering as I await
Either nothingness, hell, or the bright pearly gate.
Existence is phenomenal, rigid and stern.
While I’m here, I’m surviving while striving to be.

I must live through the contrast as I carry on.
Each next phase of a long journey can’t be undone.
I can’t turn off my sorrow. It has not a switch.
There’s no way that this moment my soul can enrich.
But I do have the choice to have some hope or none.
Only one will be helpful toward seeing the dawn.

This is true too of agony. I make the choice.
It is easy to suffer when well I know how.
It’s become a bad habit to suffer in vain.
In the depth of my sorrow I have much to gain.
When I agonize, that means I do not allow
What my higher self knows. There is room to rejoice.

There’s a lesson in grieving repeated each day
And each portion thereof throughout all the wide earth.
There are times interlaced deep with memories dear
To the heart and the consciousness dampened by fear.
There’s a death sentence waiting for every new birth.
Those who aren’t here before us have not gone away.