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Don’t Trust People Who Cry?

Lone Sadness

People see people crying. What comes to their minds
First of all is that these people have no control
Over their emotions. There’s a sense of mistrust
In their motives and they’re looked upon with disgust.
People cry because they don’t feel completely whole.
They may act out in negative ways of all kinds.

The moment you start crying you’re giving away
To the universe your power so it’s been said
And it’s true. The emotional outburst will not
Do much good in fact it will only cause a lot
Of attention and drama and people will dread
Being near you because they won’t know what to say.

It’s a sure sign of weakness when you can be seen
As someone who can cry at the drop of a hat.
It’s not appropriate in our society
To express our discouragement vehemently
And there’s no way that people will get around that.
People won’t take the time to know just what you mean.

We must cry. Sometimes life introduces us to
Pain and sorrow. We can’t hold these feelings inside
Or ignore them. In public is not the right place
To let loose. You’ll be seen as an utter disgrace.
You want sympathy but it’s expressly denied.
They fear manipulation by the likes of you.