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Don’t Trust People Who Cry?

Lone Sadness

People see people crying. What comes to their minds
First of all is that these people have no control
Over their emotions. There’s a sense of mistrust
In their motives and they’re looked upon with disgust.
People cry because they don’t feel completely whole.
They may act out in negative ways of all kinds.

The moment you start crying you’re giving away
To the universe your power so it’s been said
And it’s true. The emotional outburst will not
Do much good in fact it will only cause a lot
Of attention and drama and people will dread
Being near you because they won’t know what to say.

It’s a sure sign of weakness when you can be seen
As someone who can cry at the drop of a hat.
It’s not appropriate in our society
To express our discouragement vehemently
And there’s no way that people will get around that.
People won’t take the time to know just what you mean.

We must cry. Sometimes life introduces us to
Pain and sorrow. We can’t hold these feelings inside
Or ignore them. In public is not the right place
To let loose. You’ll be seen as an utter disgrace.
You want sympathy but it’s expressly denied.
They fear manipulation by the likes of you.

Your Inner Voice


Are you willing to listen to that Inner Voice
That no one else can hear that says, “You can’t tell me
What I’m here for.”?
It takes a certain fearlessness

To face up to its message. You are nonetheless
Capable of compliance. It wants you to be
In a place where your life is a thing you rejoice.

Do what you want because of the passion you feel –
Not because of the money, prestige, and fanfare.
Do not write a book or get another degree
Unless you feel deeply that’s who you’re meant to be.
There will come a time when not a person will care
Much about you. The probability is real.

Your Inner Voice whispers. It will not speak loudly.
You must get quiet to hear what it has to say.
Don’t confuse it with the noise of your intellect
Which is loud in comparison. Do redirect
Your attention to silence. You will in this way
Get insight from your state of receptivity.

You know which voice to listen to. It’s the sane one –
The one that will guide you to where you want to be.
The voice of the ego train yourself to ignore.
Your Inner Voice can offer you a lot more
In the way of living your life more happily.
Do behold your magnificent journey begun.

The Value Of Daydreaming

Natural Splendor

Remember way back when you were just a young child
Lying in the grass daydreaming and looking up
At the lilac bushes and just feeling delight
In the moment. You knew everything was alright.
It was natural to drink from the loving cup
Of freedom. By nature you were clearly beguiled.

That’s who you can be right now. There’s nobody who
Is the boss of you other than as you perceive
Others to be. They may think that they have control
But they cannot buck the momentum of your soul.
You can daydream around whatever you believe
Is a nuisance and not beneficial to you.

In the privacy of your own mind you create
What you need to assist you in overcoming
The resistance you may face if you dream out loud.
You need not placate others so you can feel proud
Of having jumped through their hoops. It’s like you’re thumbing
Your nose to your own spirit which isn’t so great.

Let your mind go where it naturally will go
If you’re not holding it back, and revel in the
Understanding that you’ll receive information
Of a nature that will help you to get things done
At the spiritual level. Know that you’re free
To dream in any way that will help you to grow.