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Prepare To Receive

Fun Sign

You have only two choices in any moment –
To be happy or not. It’s as simple as that.
It’s the manifestation that isn’t perfect
That guides you to improvement. In every aspect
Of your life you find joy at the drop of a hat.
In order to receive you must remain content.

Let it be and emotional choice that you make.
Let it be an energy choice. Let it be, “How
Do I want to feel in my gut?”
Let it take hold

Of your soul. The benefits will be manifold.
Life offers you the contrast but you must allow
The much broader perspective for goodness’ sake.

You have to do something that helps you to chill out
When you find yourself stuck in a bad frame of mind.
Negative trains of thought are by meditation
Gotten rid of. It can clean up your vibration.
Indeed positive distractions of any kind
Cancel out any lingering hints of self-doubt.

This attraction based universe challenges you
To come up with solutions. You must understand
That you need not take action when you’re not aligned
With you true self and what you want. Be more inclined
To tend to your vibration and take full command
Of your presence in everything you choose to do.

The Emotional Choice


You could think about many different subjects,
But let it be emotional. Thinking too much
Complicates your achieving what you most desire.
The more significant thing that you will acquire
Is complete understanding that you’ve become such
An astute manifester in many aspects.

The Emotional Choice is an energy one.
You can be as miserable or as happy
As you choose in the moment. Your choices are two:
To feel better or worse. So, the thing you can do,
If momentum has gathered, to get yourself free
Is to forget about it and go have some fun.

The imperfect manifestation is the one
Which can lead to perfection or more improvement.
The contrast that life offers is the beginning
Of insight and direction toward a winning
Solution. You do not have to get all hellbent
On perfection. Your fine work would then be undone.

The pipeline of creation is fueled by what you
Are about here and now. It’s about attraction –
Not assertion, compulsion, or struggling your way
Toward something. There’s no price that you have to pay
But your joy and the feeling of satisfaction.
Speak your thoughts of alignment and watch them come true.