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You Get What You Believe

Doctor Cat

You Get What You Believe. It’s as simple as that.
If you think that the world is coming to an end
Then it is but if you believe otherwise then
Things will turn out just that way. But what happens when
You believe in something others can’t comprehend
Like a well-meaning doctor disguised as a cat?

Your life is created by the conversations
That you have and by memories and how you feel
About things and you have the ability to
Feel quite differently about things than you do.
Any idea can turn into something real.
Be receptive to the positive vibrations.

The Law of Attraction, while it’s your very best
Friend, because of its consistency, it also
Gives you what you believe. What you know to be true
Is first pondered by the rational parts of you
And by then you can say to yourself that you know
What is true for you and disregard all the rest.

It’s not easy to hold thoughts that are different
Than the ones you’d prefer so you must overcome
Limiting belief systems that keep you apart
From the things that are special and dear to your heart.
Your belief in wellbeing delivers you from
Negative feelings such as doubt and discontent.

You Attract By Your Attention

Personal Focus

Your life is created by the story you tell…
By the conversations that you have also by
Memories and past attitudes and about how
You feel about things in general yet right now
You can change it without even having to try.
You can learn to tell your new story very well.

You’re the attractor of things by your attention.
You create your own reality in this way.
You’ve the ability to think differently
Than you do at this moment which means you can be
In a pretty nice place throughout much of your day.
Happiness isn’t beyond your comprehension.

You’re a brilliant creator in this here and now.
Life on earth is the leading edge of creation.
Find something to focus upon. Feel your way to
Clearer, purer, less resistive thought. It helps you
To make stable your spiritual foundation.
Life gets so much better when you learn to allow.

It’s only about you personally wanting
Enough to feel good that you’re willing to reach for
Better feeling thoughts. Clear your mind and start anew.
Turning thoughts to things should come easily to you.
As you ask, it is given, and you’ll receive more
Than you could have imagined to make your heart sing.