Walking the Talk


Tuning in to vibration” – I get what they mean
…As in turning the knob to one’s favorite spot.
[That is how I remember; I’m such an old tart]
By now, ‘feeling good’ is a well-studied art.
When it’s done right, it’s seen that we’re happy a lot
Where with most, a fantastic day is seldom seen.

Much of New Age vernacular common these days
Is akin to some things known to me beforehand.
When they say that vibration precedes the real thing
I compare that to feeling, then wanting to sing.
Everything has a cause.  All who breathe understand
That Thought is the mother of matter, always!

What we think about most is as much how we feel
And our feeling is what gets momentum to go
And like tuning the frequency on the old dial
We pick up what is broadcasted, matching our style.
This vibrational tuning is good stuff to know.
In time, as I practice, I’ll live with more zeal.

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