Be Faithful to Your Mood

There’s a brand of monogamy often forgot
Among pairings and sharings consummate these days.
No other wedding of all we partake
Is of greater importance, where peace is at stake,
Than the one between self and the mood it displays
‘A deal made in Heaven, and then to earth brought

My spouse is a Mood who’s not one of a gender
Nor side of a coin, nor some part of a sigh…
It is what it is, and it carries no blame
Being others around it would cast it in shame.
My Mood is a person who wonders not why
That it oft’ acts in error in seeking its splendor.

The vows that we keep with the Mood we embrace
Are to nurture as needed and praise most of all.
Through sickness and health and through life we compare
Other spousal Mood beings among whom we share
All the myriad blessings of earth protocol.
So keep your Mood loving. It serves the whole race.

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