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Fun Along The Way

Pure Exhilaration

Let’s say that you’ve a list of things that you desire
Such as physical conditions, relationships,
Emotions, and material objects. Now make
A statement about each for happiness’ sake.
Be emphatic with the words that come from your lips.
Let the universe know that you heart is on fire.

Say, “I want to have fun on my way to that. I
Want to have a great time while I’m on my way to
Everything that I want.”
This puts everything in

The proper perspective so that you may begin
Understanding the power you have within you
To stay happy without even having to try.

It’s a journey that never ends. It matters not
Whether the steps are large or small. It just matters
That they’re fun while you’re taking them while on your way
To whatever you’re after. To live every day
Happily is to ignore the voice that chatters
With concern about all the things you haven’t got.

All along the way you receive inspiration
And you get to see the results of it right now.
There’s no gap between where you want to be and where
You are now and you have more of yourself to share
With the world. It becomes easier to allow
Into your life all the fruits of your creation.

Enjoying It

Joy Of Being

Bombs are bursting in air. I don’t need to know who
They explode for nor why indeed they do exist
In the first place. I’m not that good at history.
I’m detached from the troubles of humanity.
Much practice it has taken for me to resist
The temptation to nurture the negative view.

I enjoy life. I’m not always in a good mood
But I know enough now not to let myself get
Too far out of alignment. Right now I feel fine.
I feel as if I am causing the sun to shine.
To the world I feel that I’m a major asset
Thus my faith in humanity can be renewed.

I’ll use this moment in the most productive way
By staying elevated. I can do that by
Savoring the good feeling. It doesn’t require
A whole lot, but I must have a burning desire
To stay there so that I don’t even have to try
To be happy. It isn’t a high price to pay.

Life does not have to be all that complicated.
I know how to get happy and how to stay there
For a good while. There are many forms of success
But its truest measure is how much happiness
I can have and give others and how much I care
For the life up until now that I’ve created.