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Love Even When It Hurts

Flood Of Tears

Love is always in season. It’s not just a dream
Of the troubled and weary who live with the hope
Of things someday improving. Love can make you cry
As you feel the hope within you wither and die.
Love implies that a person is willing to cope
With heartbreak and adversity in the extreme.

Love is always in season because nothing but
Love exists. We get caught up in the illusion
That it doesn’t. It’s like disbelieving in air
When you know for a fact it exists everywhere.
It’s no wonder the word evokes such confusion.
Often the remedy is to keep the heart shut.

Love should be shown to everyone even if they
Don’t deserve it. This reflects who you truly are.
Show love when times are difficult especially
Regardless of who people may happen to be.
Be nice to someone and make them feel like a star.
You feel good when you brighten someone else’s day.

Love does not mean that you must accept the abuse
Of someone disconnected from reality
But you can show compassion then send them away.
You can do this without having harsh words to say.
Hurt as long as you choose but eventually
You’ll return to that one from whom love does effuse.

No Excuses

Cloudiness Of Mind

Many things you would like to do. Many you would
Like to put off forever. What’s keeping you from
Going after your dreams? Are you stuck in a cloud
Of excuses? To many of them may enshroud
Your perceptions. It would help if you had but some
Indication of movement as all people should.

What’s holding you back is you. Excuses sound best
To the one who’s excusing. Stop feeling sorry
For yourself. Stop your sob stories, pity parades,
And your well organized persecution crusades.
You can make your life the way you want it to be
When you give your complaining a permanent rest.

Don’t be jealous of people who’ve made a big change
In the world or in someone’s life. They’ve paid the price
To attain what they have. Recognize that you are
Valuable even though you may be quite far
From where you want to be. It will have to suffice
For right now. Keep your eyes off of what is down range.

Do not act out of your nervous anxiety.
Wait until you’ve recovered a bit then take care
Of what needs to get done. Your excuses are lies.
The truth is that you have what it takes, that you’re wise,
And that you have your special unique gifts to share
With yourself and with all human society.