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Up Your Base Chakra, Buddy!

Flagrant Freedom of Expression

Cosmic energy flows through the base of the brain
And the spine to the chakras then out to the nerves
So that we can fulfill our basic daily needs.
But the mind is drawn outward also, and this leads
But to mundane attainment. The body deserves
Alternation of current to stay somewhat sane.

We are much like bar magnets with positive ends
At the tops of our heads. The connection to God
Is made through the top organ. The base of the spine

Is our grounding to earth. We may reach the divine
Through techniques that are yogic. That we may be awed
By the raising of consciousness has dividends.

Selfishness, unawareness, and general fear
Pull the energy downward and drains it away.
But the mind draws it upward to higher ideals
Unless otherwise fettered by how pleasure feels
In our normal reality which will betray
Any trust in the unknown. What’s seen is what’s dear.

A force called Kundalini resides at the base
Of the spine. When awakened alignment occurs
  All throughout the nervous systems, then it will rise
Through the body’s main cable to open the eyes
Of the spirit to worlds it knows that it prefers.
Up Your Base Chakra, Buddy! Your heath do embrace.