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The Power Of Not Knowing

Who Knows?

Any leader can shift from a place of knowing
To one of asking questions. Your knowing implies
That you’re better which everyone knows isn’t true.
What you know isn’t the most evolved part of you.
When you ask as a leader you capitalize
On what others know to get energy flowing.

A young mother has children aged six, four, and two.
What she goes through with them at bedtime can be quite
A chaotic adventure. She feels like the boss
Of unruly employees. She suffers the loss
Of her patience and energy. She gets uptight
As she wonders what on God’s green earth she could do.

Try speaking to your children only in the form
Of questions. Take it to the absolute extreme.
“What time is it now? What do we want to do first?”
Notice how they don’t feel like they’re being coerced.
You may find that you’re able to work as a team.
Asking questions produces the most favored norm.

“Who’s going to be the first to brush their teeth? Who
Needs help getting their pajamas on? What story
Will we read tonight?”
You’ll wonder how long they knew

What to do at bedtime. All they wanted to do
Is get you to ask questions. Behold the glory
Of ‘not knowing.’ It takes a big load off of you.

The Real Me

The Self Undefined

I pretend to be someone significantly small
Compared to who I really am. Poor little me
Is afflicted with beingness. Can I awake
From this dream of my selfhood? Was it a mistake
That the universe carelessly caused me to be?
My flirtation with waking up leads to my fall.

What the whole universe is doing I do too.
Waking up is the realization that I
Am something that the whole universe does just as
The wave is something that the ocean does. Life has
Dualistic convergence. I exemplify
All there is as one being with one point of view.

Not like being locked in a dark room forever
Will it be when I die. That’s not experience.
Nonexistence everlasting is so absurd.
Only from fearful people is such a thing heard.
When I wake up from this life the next will commence,
And this self that I am now will exist no more.

Consciousness is continuous. As people die,
More come into existence. I am every one
But can only experience one at a time.
As I am this one now, my awareness is prime,
And I know that I will never get it all done.
I’ve respect for the laws with which I must comply.