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The Race Against Time

In A Hurry

Your past is a place to learn and grow – not a place
To live constantly. Life has many different
Chapters for you. One bad chapter doesn’t mean it’s
Time to end the story, for the person who quits
In the middle will harbor extreme discontent
As there’s nothing of meaning in life to embrace.

To accomplish great things you must not only act
But dream too – not only plan but also believe
That it will happen. When you find purpose in your
Life then every moment in it is a lot more
Meaningful. It becomes easier to receive
Inspiration to help turn your dreams into fact.

Don’t fear life. Believe that life is worth living and
Your belief will help you create the life that you
Truly want to be living. Your words are like keys.
Chosen correctly they can open hearts with ease.
They can shut anyone’s mouth. The more you can do
To uplift with them, the more your heart will expand.

If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never
Reach your destination. Excuses make today
Easier but tomorrow harder. Discipline
Makes today hard but tomorrow things will begin
To get easier. Enjoy life along the way
To your goal. Act as if you will live forever.

Joyful Co-Creation

Young Friendship

The Source within you often has a different
Opinion than you do about most everything
If you’re feeling anything less than wonderful.
Which one in any moment has the stronger pull
On your person is your choice. It’s nice when you bring
Yourself into a proper and wise alignment.

Everything that happens is a co-creation
And if you decide you’re going to blame someone
Who seems most at fault instead of owning your part
Then you end up with bad feelings stuck in your heart.
Your true nature is joyful. You’re meant to have fun.
From wellbeing there should be no deviation.

We are all cooperative components to
One another not to cause ourselves suffering
Or to teach each other lessons. We’re here to sift
Through the data and find ways to praise and uplift
One another. It’s within our power to bring
About peace on the planet. It all starts with you.

Feel your clarity rather than your confusion.
If your desire to feel good is strong enough you
Will always find a way to come back into your
Personal power. Your happiness is the cure
For what ails you. Adopt your Source’s point of view.
And come out of the world of doubt and confusion.

Nothing Less Than Wonderful

Carefree Journey

Everything that happens is a co-creation
And when you decide to blame the one who’s done wrong
Instead of taking responsibility for
The part that you played you’re only asking for more
Disappointment because that vibration is strong
Enough to keep you in the same situation.

The reason you feel so awful is because you’re
All upside down about how things are happening
In your life. Happiness is your reason to be.
Letting go of the small stuff will help you to see
The big picture. You don’t have to prove anything
To another. Misery you need not endure.

If you feel anything less than wonderful you
Are not living your purpose. You want to feel good
No matter what is happening. When you decide
To be happy then nothing to you is denied
As your point of attraction is well understood.
You’ll acknowledge the value in the rendezvous.

No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going
Or who you’re doing it with you’re going to look
For reasons to feel good and you’ll begin to tune
Yourself to the vibration that will help you soon
To receive. At some point you’ll be writing a book
About how blessings into your life are flowing.