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Let Go And Move On

Serious Business

If you’re lucky enough to get a second chance
At something don’t waste it. Don’t look for happiness
In the same place you lost it. Real strength is letting
People lose you so you don’t end up regretting
Not having been chosen by them. Through the process
Of rejection you’re put in a tough circumstance.

The journey of your success will always begin
With the small step of taking the chance that will move
You out of your inaction. Sometimes people don’t
Want to hear the truth because they honestly won’t
Give up on their illusions so it’s hard to prove
Things to them. In an argument you will not win.

If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care
Of others. Your own health is the most important.
Putting off until tomorrow is your weakness.
Taking care of it right now leads to your success.
You’re the only one who can tell yourself you can’t
Find your place of alignment and keep yourself there.

Be careful who you share your weaknesses with. Some
People can’t wait for the opportunity to
Up and use them against you. It’s time to move on
When the feeling of hope for renewing is gone
But be grateful. Doing so will benefit you
In the long run. Stay focused on what is to come.

Bits Of Wisdom

Printed Information

Hiding from your problems won’t make them disappear.
Working through them is the only way you can grow.
Being true to yourself may lead to loneliness
But it’s worth it. Growth’s often a painful process
But it need not be. If you just go with the flow
Then an answer to your dilemma becomes clear.

Stop being so available to people who
Are there for you only when it is convenient
For them. You learn a lot about people when they
Don’t get what they want from you. A high price you pay
For trying to please everyone. You will resent
Having done so. They don’t recognize all you do.

Being honest may not get you many friends but
It’ll always get you the right ones. You cannot
Heal in the same environment where you got sick.
Be especially careful of the friends you pick.
Those who will support you when you’re in a tough spot
Are the best because their intentions are clear-cut.

You do harm to your self-confidence when you break
Promises you make to yourself time and again.
Let the improvement of yourself keep you busy
So much that there’s no time for negativity.
All the things that you want can happen for you when
The decision to feel over the moon you make.

It’s Not A Sin To Be Happy

Happy Family

Selfishness, pride, envy, greed… all of these can be
Considered to be terrible sins, but there’s no
Greater sin than not being happy. Life is too
Short to tiptoe through it while always feeling blue,
Suffering and complaining with nowhere to go
But deeper into conflict, fear, and misery.

Some may think that happiness is overrated.
Others say that it’s impossible to achieve.
Still others say that we created the concept
Which is why your impressions of it must be kept
Free of bias. In short, you must truly believe
In the happiness you’ve already created.

“Someday, somewhere – anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll
Find yourself, and that, and only that can be the
Happiest or the bitterest hour of your life.”

Who the hell wants to live their life in constant strife
When there’s every good reason to live happily?
We’re not put on the planet to act the damned fool.

Make the best use of your time. Care for your body.
It’s the temple of the Holy Spirit and it
Deserves your respect and affection. Be aware
Of the simple pleasures and find happiness there.
Breaking certain rules can be to your benefit
If with your inner guidance they do not agree.