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Were You Born To Lead?

Matrix Formation

Explaining leadership to someone who does not
Have an idea what it is isn’t easy.
It’s like trying to explain love to someone who
Has never been in love. It’s a hard thing to do.
Definitions found in every dictionary
All include the word ‘lead’ which does not help a lot.

Many leadership styles therefore tend to exist
Which suggests it’s a personal choice to define
What it is for oneself when in that position.
One defines for oneself what the leader’s mission
Is to be. With that one is able to align.
The temptation to shy away one must resist.

Most leaders are there to see those around them rise.
If you want people to be honest about their
Shortcomings then you have to be honest about
Your own faults. Be empathic in working things out.
The best leaders show others that they truly care
About those in their team. This is loving and wise.

How you respond when things go wrong is important.
You can be condescending or you can just say,
“How are we going to fix this? What can I do
To support you in this effort?”
They’ll respect you.

You’ll encourage love and honesty in this way.
Good leaders have the ability to enchant.

Readiness Ready

Life Run

If it’s happened, I’m ready. If not, then I’m not
Otherwise things would be manifesting for me.
My Vortex of Creation I do believe in.
To deny it would be for me a mortal sin.
Here and now I’ve decided to live happily.
Life is short so I will give it all that I’ve got.

Because of what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling
Moment to moment I create kind of a grid
That fills in incrementally with all the things
That I have ever wanted. My happiness brings
Wonderful things to me even when I’m amid
Utter turmoil. I now know with what I’m dealing.

I don’t want it all right this red hot minute. I
Want it to come when I’m ready for it to come.
I don’t want the full contents of my Vortex to
Flood into my life all at once. What would I do
With a ton of wellbeing? This may seem to some
Not a thing to be pondered. The question is ‘Why?’

I’ll be ready to be ready to receive more
Inspiration to do what I need to get done
In any situation. Vibrationally
I prepare for the wonders that will come to be.
This mindset is applicable to anyone
Who wants to receive everything they’re asking for.