Stop Pretending

You don’t think I’m pretending to hear things you don’t,
So why not then believe there’s a world you can’t know?
I may bark at what seems to you only thin air.
You would not contradict and say nothing is there.
I can sense there is something, though nothing to show.
I can smell things that you can’t and probably won’t.

Other worlds intersect ours. Some creatures receive
And transmit most effectively with other realms,
And within this one many vibrations reside
Well outside your perception. Indeed, you’re denied.
It’s the heart that denies this that this overwhelms.
Learn to trust in this knowing, then you will believe.

Stop pretending that I’m the one pretending, please.
There’s no crown of creation. We’re all of the stream
Of eternal life force ever changing in form.
It’s OK to be human if that is your norm.
But remember that sometimes things are as they seem.
What may seem to be unseen the wiser one sees.

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