Feeling Happy on The Way


I may pray tell this joke with a straight enough face.
The young guru on skate board with smartphone in hand
Knows a lot more than I do and zips right on by.
Everything is in order. Would I dare to try
To compare myself to others who understand
Only where they are going… perhaps the same place?

Can I be fully satisfied watching my dreams
Take on form incrementally as they evolve?
If I can love the journey while not at its end,
Every moment toward getting there need not depend
On some well devised plan for a problem to solve.
Destination and journey are not two extremes.

Happily Ever After begins with right now,
And in rapid succession each now takes a new
Form of manifestation through brilliant insight.
There is joy in my getting there, and that’s alright.
I cannot face reality and make it do
As I wish. That’s the old way. I’ll learn to allow.

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