Would I fear esoteric things were I not cast
In the mist of the mystical and made of flesh?
Chances are, there would still be some doubt in my soul
About dealing with fear and then reaching my goal.
By my simply engaging life, I do enmesh
Myself deeply. I’m part of the universe vast.

To conceive the unknowable and make it known
Is the quest of those qualified. It’s good to know
That all have the authority to understand
What is put here before us and seems like it’s planned.
It can be complicated, decidedly so.
Yet it can’t be all that. Could it be overblown?

Some see spheres as concentric, like thin onion layers.
Others couldn’t care less because life is just fine.
Those who see things as simple, content in their bliss,
Glean the best out of good times and then reminisce
On how well the unknowable knew the divine
Through supreme evolution, and all without prayers.

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