To Transcend The ‘Unfriend’

To transcend the ‘Unfriend,’ I would most recommend
Referendum regarding the chronic disease
Of indifference to what’s in front of one’s eyes
Unless it has a touchscreen. I don’t criticize.
I’m reminded that when I’m too willing to please,
Some may find me a displeasing fool in the end.

Face to face we are fickle with flamboyant fluff
That we flitter like glitter. We seem made that way.
Now, we’ve replaced our faces with iFucking tHings.
What an overpriced plaything that sings when it rings!
Please forgive me, I digress, but hear what I say.
How much more disrespectful are we with this stuff?

Every ‘friend’ has a face. Every face has a soul
And a heart that can feel and therefore can be hurt.
Was the purpose of Facebook that we all join hands?
Perhaps so at the start, but now, it’s about fans.
On the playground, some seem to treat others like dirt.
Would you ‘unfriend’ your mama? That would be quite droll.

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