There Is No Exclusion

If I say I don’t want something, that is the same
As declaring I do want it. There’s no escape
But to turn my attention from what I detest.
My advice to myself would be give it a rest.
When I heed my direction, I’m free to reshape
My condition from turmoil to one that is tame.

There’s a Unary Infinite Input OR chip
At the base of all consciousness. How I attract
What is wanted or not wanted are quite the same.
My strong focus on either will bias the game
Toward the outcome that matches the way that I act.
It makes sense to be mindful of which thoughts I grip.

That there is no exclusion is good for us all.
Such a law gives us logic to live out our lives.
We attract what we think about much of the time.
I could craft much displeasure with thought pantomime.
It’s the thought that’s most constant that surely survives.
Anything that I dislike can be rendered small.

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