No One Else Needs to Know This

What the Bleep is this ‘Secret’ upon open scroll
Placed there eons of time ago and with great care?
Does the cosmos make puzzles for us out of spite?
When we finally rectify them, are we right
If we make of these writings a gospel affair?
There’s potential for folks to give up their control.

No one else needs to know what I’ve learned of today.
Not unless they are with me and singing my song.
I have no urge to preach to a choir who hears
Only that which they should notwithstanding weak ears.
When I keep the tongue tempered I cannot go wrong.
I speak only when there is something I must say.

It is not necessary for one other soul
To go hog wild and nilly to learn all about
Natural Laws of the Universe as I observe
Them in action among all the motives I serve.
I am the attractor of my life, no doubt.
No one else needs to know this stuff to make them whole.

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