When I See What I’m Looking For, I Know What To Do


By my visualizing my favored outcome
The most meaningful action is always inspired.
There is not a whole lot of my crafting a plan
And then working to work it as hard as I can
Until I’ve lost ambition and grow to be tired.
I will focus myself where desire comes from.

As my wanting feels good to me, that guides me to
More of thoughts that are easy and make me feel good,
From that place of alignment, I am guided well.
My soul hears divine messages clear as a bell
And my work is to make sure that they’re understood
By the ego who may not believe all is true.

Action that is inspired is joy fulfilled.
There is great satisfaction in moving with ease
And in tune with one’s spirit. As life starts to flow
All the dis-ease about me will then up and go.
I accumulate valuable life expertise
Even though I’m imperfect and often strong willed.

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