I Feel Good When I Appreciate


When I acknowledge things, I feel so very good.
It’s a fact that, when taken for granted, I may
On occasion make cursing and swearing my work.
And it makes not a difference should I wear a smirk.
I must be strictly mindful of where my thoughts play.
I must quit my downsizing things – that is, I should.

To appreciate things is the secret to life
And I’ve heard this said many times over the years.
Since I’ve heard it enough times do I live by rote?
There’s no way for my living to cause me to gloat.
I’d appreciate all things to banish all fears
And live happily ever and immune to strife.

I become the whole person who appreciates.
Over time I do thrive and my spirit is free
To appreciate good things I notice each day.
I fulfill every reason to be swept away
In my own way of being a creature of glee.
All the good things of living, my heart celebrates.

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