A Fatter Of Mact


Is the mact of the fatter that it is in need
Of explaining itself to the mind inside out?
Keystrokes built from a mirror reflecting the soul
Differentiate sameness from parts of the whole.
Is the brain not so wired the one we should doubt,
Or the one that is normal and of a good breed?

The brain processes images like the birds fly.
All of one mind, in unison, they are a force
Of unfettered fluidity. Some break away
On their own and quite often. So, who is to say
That the way people see things, as matter of course,
Is a lethal indictment that they can’t deny.

People see eye to eye only when they want to.
It’s a free will decision. We can educate
And in turn seek our own knowing from the vast whole
Of an in-touch humanity. What is my goal?
Could it be just to say things and stir up debate?
Intent moves me to action and will to pursue.

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