Undying Devotion To Life


The new baby is home now. She’s such a delight.
The old home is made new again. All is aglow.
Just to hold her is heavenly. A magic charm
She becomes to the family. She will disarm
Built up concern about her that she shouldn’t know.
Through our focus upon her we do what is right.

As she’s seen as the highest lifeform in the home
All around are enlightened. Wellbeing takes hold.
New life makes the world healthy. Can this one debate?
Anyone who would do so is mired in hate.
The birth of an idea innocently bold
Is the chance for fulfillment and freedom to roam.

Earth gives birth to all living things. This we all know.
Can we call ourselves ‘precious?’ Why even go there?
Keep the bullshit subconscious and buried with Freud
Because when that stuff surfaces folks get annoyed.
The earth is super-consciousness, just to be fair.
Our devotion to living makes living things grow.

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