The Girl Named Urethra

A new school offers chances to make some new friends,
But this little girl’s prospects were slimmer to none.
A child named Urethra is not commonplace,
Thus her ‘friends’  let her know it and laugh in her face.
To them, she’s a joke, and they’re all about fun,
So there may be a lesson before school day ends.

Why her dear parents did name her that way
Is not such a mystery and not really cruel.
A baby name book is just unknown to some,
So a text on anatomy’s where it came from.
The name does sound pretty – like some kind of jewel.
Did they know what it meant? Well, they didn’t that day!

On the playground, Urethra was mocked by a bully
Who thought he might practice some hate he was taught.
As he did so, Urethra just started to sing
With a voice as lovely as lilacs in spring.
Her song was the easiest fight never fought.
Her friends took a new tone, accepting her fully.

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