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Only One Minute Away

Time Adrift

On that high flying disk is where I want to be.
I love feeling excited about everything
In this wonderful universe. Out of thin air
I can pull this great feeling and I can stay there
Just as long as I want to. Much joy I can bring
To this moment. I love living life happily.

If I start out my day this way it’s easier
To remain in alignment. Before negative
Thoughts of yesterday flood into my consciousness
I find all kinds of things in the moment to bless.
I’m delighted that I’ve chosen this way to live.
I love knowing that I can have what I prefer.

Things that make me feel better or put me at ease
I must focus on. Music and meditation
Put me there in a hurry. My intent is to
Feel as good as I can so whatever I do
Is only for that reason. As my creation,
This moment is the only one for me to seize.

Distraction from whatever is keeping me from
My alignment is welcomed most wholeheartedly.
There’s nothing else I need to accomplish today.
My happiness is Only One Minute Away.
Getting happy and staying there is up to me.
I’m anticipating all the good times to come.

The Vortex

Galactic Shimmer

Your Vortex is the most expanded part of you.
Yes, that’s right. It’s a person with whom you can be
Totally in alignment. Your inner being
Is the same thing. When with it you are agreeing
Then your life is of happiness and clarity.
You get to stay there for as long as you want to.

Sometimes it seems like there’s a slight separation
Between your inner being and your Vortex but
It’s just a misperception. When you’re not aligned
With your Vortex then only confusion you’ll find.
You don’t want to slam the door to happiness shut
By denying your part in your own creation.

You’ve put things into your Vortex gradually
Moment by moment. In a vibrational state
They remain until you allow them to become
Manifested. You are not separated from
Its becoming. You don’t have to investigate
Why it’s not. Just remember that you are worthy.

You don’t own anything that is physical here
In this time space reality. You’re the current
Players with and perceivers of thought energy.
You’re here to access it all temporarily
As true evidence of wellbeing. You were meant
To behold and enjoy all the things you hold dear.

Think About It

Serious Thought

Think about sight and think about all the things that
You could look at. Much beauty there is to behold
Everywhere. Think about why you were given this
Wonderful gift. About nature nothing’s amiss.
Images often you cherish as if they’re gold.
Of course it all depends on what you’re looking at.

Your body has all these sensory perceivers
For the purpose of bringing you awesome pleasure.
What other reason would there be for this to be?
If you can’t think of one then it’s easy to see
That your five senses have value beyond measure
And it’s healthy to be among true believers.

People think to solve problems and that’s not to say
That that’s not a good purpose but start reaching for
A good thought for the pleasure that it brings to you.
Your perceptions and how you feel help you get through
Difficult situations so value them more.
As you do in a state of happiness you’ll stay.

Focus and awareness of what your focus brings
Is encouraged. Your vibrational currency
Is replenished as you spend it so spend away.
Your world will surprise and delight you every day.
It is your main intention to live happily.
You were meant to experience wonderful things.

Worthy, Loved, And Blessed

Revealing Light

Sometimes heaven feels like a place of peacefulness
And sometimes it feels like sheer appreciation
That wells up inside. Often it’s like being in
Love with someone. It feels like you want to begin
A crusade in the service of world elation.
There’s so much pure enthusiasm to express.

As you hang around there in that positive range
Of emotions the more you’re able to maintain
Your vibrational frequency there and the more
Often you’ll reach that level. As ever before
Simply by knowing of your wellbeing you gain
And effective advantage for ultimate change.

That ‘on top of the world’ feeling comes easily
Then it goes but just feeling a deep sense of peace
Puts you in the vicinity of ecstasy.
You were meant to pursue your life passionately.
When you do you’re queued up for the steady release
Of resistance and all negative energy.

Know that you’re Worthy, Loved, And Blessed. You can sustain
That feeling in your heart from moment to moment
Then you’ll spike into moments of heavenly bliss
Fairly often. It doesn’t get better than this.
At your lowest point you’re simply feeling content.
The best part of it’s that nothing is done in vain.

Joyful Co-Creation

Young Friendship

The Source within you often has a different
Opinion than you do about most everything
If you’re feeling anything less than wonderful.
Which one in any moment has the stronger pull
On your person is your choice. It’s nice when you bring
Yourself into a proper and wise alignment.

Everything that happens is a co-creation
And if you decide you’re going to blame someone
Who seems most at fault instead of owning your part
Then you end up with bad feelings stuck in your heart.
Your true nature is joyful. You’re meant to have fun.
From wellbeing there should be no deviation.

We are all cooperative components to
One another not to cause ourselves suffering
Or to teach each other lessons. We’re here to sift
Through the data and find ways to praise and uplift
One another. It’s within our power to bring
About peace on the planet. It all starts with you.

Feel your clarity rather than your confusion.
If your desire to feel good is strong enough you
Will always find a way to come back into your
Personal power. Your happiness is the cure
For what ails you. Adopt your Source’s point of view.
And come out of the world of doubt and confusion.

You Are A Creator

Home Business

Life has caused you to queue up for yourself a new
And improved version of your now reality.
The improvement that you’ve been asking for is in
The vibrational works. You’re prepared to begin
To receive your impressions of how things should be.
You become aligned with the evolved part of you.

The way you feel is your indicator of how
Near or far you are vibrationally from where
You would like to be. It lets you know just what you
Need to do if you’re feeling a little bit blue.
About how you feel you must give your utmost care.
Only then are you in the right mode to allow.

You don’t need others to cooperate with you.
If you think you do then you end up hindering
Your alignment. Stay focused on your creation.
Let the universe handle what needs to get done
Then the people will show up and their offering
Will be more than sufficient from your point of view.

Your attention to the uncooperative
Others won’t make them willing to cooperate.
Feeling good lines you up with cooperation.
You’re co-creative process is all about fun.
You create with perfection when you’re feeling great.
Take control of the wonderful life that you live.

Don’t Wait, Catch It!

Arms Open Wide

If you care really strongly about something, then
You focus on its opposite it feels awful.
Don’t wait until it begins to feel anything.
Catch the negative feeling as it’s happening.
When you’re mindful of how you feel then you can pull
Yourself out of the psychic ditch time and again.

It can get a bit tricky. Your satisfaction
Or the opposite already has momentum
So if you really want this thing you have to be
Lined up with your receiving it. Your energy
Must be free of resistance. What you want will come
When from not having it you find some distraction.

That nuanced control you don’t have when momentum
Is too strong. You can’t guide how you feel easily
About what you want not having manifested.
About how you feel be completely invested.
Take your mind off of it and let it come to be.
Don’t be beating any kind of negative drum.

Tune yourself every morning by meditating
For a few minutes. Find that place where everything
Feels just right. When you find yourself having a thought
Through the day that is off easily it is caught.
It gets better with practice. Indeed it can bring
About peace of mind which ought to make your heart sing.

You Get What You Believe

Doctor Cat

You Get What You Believe. It’s as simple as that.
If you think that the world is coming to an end
Then it is but if you believe otherwise then
Things will turn out just that way. But what happens when
You believe in something others can’t comprehend
Like a well-meaning doctor disguised as a cat?

Your life is created by the conversations
That you have and by memories and how you feel
About things and you have the ability to
Feel quite differently about things than you do.
Any idea can turn into something real.
Be receptive to the positive vibrations.

The Law of Attraction, while it’s your very best
Friend, because of its consistency, it also
Gives you what you believe. What you know to be true
Is first pondered by the rational parts of you
And by then you can say to yourself that you know
What is true for you and disregard all the rest.

It’s not easy to hold thoughts that are different
Than the ones you’d prefer so you must overcome
Limiting belief systems that keep you apart
From the things that are special and dear to your heart.
Your belief in wellbeing delivers you from
Negative feelings such as doubt and discontent.

Directly From Source

That I Am

Can a person communicate with the divine
Directly just as if God were a dear old friend?
Yes one can. It’s been done throughout all history.
Anyone can converse with God and easily.
Through the practice of meditation you transcend
Negative mental constructs of errant design.

God broadcasts on a frequency which everyone
Can receive. It’s a matter of tuning into
The right signal. You must learn to quiet the mind.
In that silence a feeling of peace you will find.
Answers to questions will come easily to you.
You get progressively better once it’s begun.

If you’re full of the question then you cannot hear
The answer. They are two different frequencies.
At the same time you can’t keep both activated
Because a tug of war will have been created
In your consciousness. Handel the issue with ease.
Let the question be answered and don’t interfere.

Let the question rest within you only until
It is clarified then let the universe do
What it does so efficiently. You must believe
That you’re way more than worthy enough to receive
What you want to know. Meditation can help you
To relax and succumb to God’s provident will.

The Only Thing Of Lasting Value

Happy Heart

Love is the only thing that prevails. When you see
Your immense capability to love you will
Realize that your true worth is inherently
Within you. You have so much divine energy
Flowing through you that it can most easily spill
Onto others as you live your life happily.

You are loved beyond human measure for love in
And of itself cannot be measured but of course
People try to put it on a pedestal. They
Covet it, hide it, and do whatever they may
To believe that it’s some kind of mystical force
Or a game where only certain people can win.

You are love itself. The energy which is love
Pervades all of existence no matter whether
Or not you can feel it. When you feel it you are
Effervescent, joyful, buoyant, and not too far
From your dreams and wishes all coming together
Like a symphony composed by heaven above.

Not allowing yourself to feel love causes you
To swallow yourself up in psychological
And physical pain expressed as misery, lack,
And depression. Love remains the primary hack
For a life unfulfilled. Truly it’s natural
To feel love. It’s the only thing you want to do.

The Gray Zone


I exist in a limbo state which connects to
And relies upon old fashioned and outdated
Paradigms and thought processes. I get confused
Much too easily. My ego is often bruised
By the wellbeing that others have created.
I have trouble understanding all that is true.

Too much bad information mixed in with the good
Makes for difficult sorting through. I need to know
How to recognize which information is true.
Since everything is here and now all I need do
Is vibrate to its frequency then it will show
Itself to me. I have not a doubt that it would.

Perhaps if I start feeling that all is quite well
With myself, earth, and everyone, then I’ll become
Receptive to information and clarity.
Through my mind’s eye I want to be able to see.
Ultimately I want to be beating the drum
Of wellbeing. I want a good story to tell.

Everything exists here and now. If I can lose
The idea of space and time and understand
The feeling of just existing right here and now
Then I’ll vibrate to what I want and I’ll allow
The good feeling to evolve into something grand.
How long I remain in The Gray Zone I must choose.

What Conflict Really Is

Eruption Of Tension

What about human nature makes us want to fight
To the bitter end? Why do egos get enflamed
And combative? What’s to become of humankind?
Why are answers and solutions so hard to find?
Our unwillingness to make peace is to be blamed
For conflict. Each one thinks only they can be right.

What we all want is to find our own inner peace.
It exists in each one of us but the ego
Who defends the persona will do anything
In its power to keep you from recognizing
Any civil solution. It wants you to know
That your hold on your position you can’t release.

Our egos spend a lot of time and energy
Avoiding failure. It causes inner conflict.
No room exists for reasonable conclusions.
Those who can’t accept failure indeed are the ones
Most susceptible. No one on earth can predict
Their behavior and that’s not the way it should be.

The elusive solutions become apparent
When the circumstance is looked at objectively
Without inflamed emotions. From the perspective
Of your higher self who knows how you want to live
You have kissed and made up quite emotionally.
Your higher selves have reached a perfect agreement.

Relationships Are Forever

Dear Friends

Karmic relationships are connections that are
Very quick to start. Typically they evolve
Into alternating patterns of love and hate.
Constant highs and lows keep the couple a state
Of emotional tension. They cannot resolve
Many issues and life can be rather bizarre.

We move on from one relationship to the next
It would seem but this isn’t so karmically.
Forever we’re connected to those we have met.
Every person you have known you cannot forget.
You are part of the vibrational frequency
Of everyone you know. You should not be perplexed.

The relationship is a thing of reflection
And energy. It need not necessarily
Imply physical contact with the other one.
The relationship continues once it’s begun
It will go on throughout all of eternity.
There is nothing that can sever the connection.

Think in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’ instead of just ‘me.’
Mutual respect, honesty, and empathy
In your communication will carry you far.
Be accepting of the person for who they are.
Can you learn to trust in each other completely?
Then a wholesome relationship will come to be.

Wholeness And Wellness

Fresh Breath

To instill into your minds and thus your bodies
The sensation of wholeness within is the quest.
It’s the very sensation of wellness that will
Propel you toward the dreams you want to fulfill.
Magical things happen when you’re feeling your best.
The blessings of a wonderful life you will seize.

The mess that’s been created by our human race
Will only work itself out when we realize
Our greatest fears – hatred, violence, greed, envy,
Lust and so forth. Can we rid ourselves completely
Of these tendencies? Are we nearing our demise
As a species? What kind of future do we face?

We will realize our massive capacity
For greatness of both mind and soul. We will in time
Overcome our miscalculations of the heart.
It’s not likely that this world will be blown apart
Even though the conditions right now aren’t sublime.
This future may be somewhat difficult to see.

When you understand your own greatness you proceed
With an effervescent light which tracks the very
People and situations that energize you.
On a worldwide basis think of what we could do
To turn earth into a place joyful and merry.
In the mind’s eye is where your consciousness is freed.

Preferred Parallel Realities

Fractal Universe

If you don’t have a clean enough definition
Of where you want to be at this moment then you
Will remain in this parallel reality
But in others you can exist quite easily
With the right definition. All you need to do
Is align with only your preferred condition.

Parallel universes are not a new thing.
The concept is centered around the idea
That there are other realities that exist
Simultaneously and it’s hard to resist
Falling into a deep state of acedia
Contemplating something that can’t make your heat sing.

Fractals are mathematical structures that show
Signs of self-similarity so they’re used to
Create models. What’s beyond imagination
Is explored for the purpose of the creation
Of the ultimate scientific point of view.
We may be but a fractal for all that we know.

The reality that you prefer is the one
Most significant to you. When you recognize
Contradictory definitions you become
Enlightened and you’re able to get rid of some
Resistance in your thinking and you’ll become wise.
Take full advantage of your new journey begun.

Windows And Doors

Paths Cluster

Many paths there are in spirituality
So many that it can be difficult to choose
Which one is the best for you but you can explore
Any teaching that helps you to open the door
To enlightenment. Don’t let anything confuse
You about finding purpose and reason to be.

Any path that fuels the spirit of selflessness
Is appropriate. When you learn to surrender
To something that you know is far greater than you
Then you always will know the proper thing to do
In any situation. The path you prefer
Is the one that leads to ultimate happiness.

It’s the path of devotion that opens the heart
To feeling divine presence. Experiencing
The joy of devotion ignites the flame of love.
Once illuminated, you put noting above
Your devotion. Your ministry means everything
As it gives to your life a much needed kick start.

Understanding the universe and yourself are
The highest truths to work toward ultimately.
Spiritual enlightenment is all about
Harmonizing with all that is and there’s no doubt
You’ll rid yourself of much negative energy.
From a life of fulfillment you’re never too far.

Ninety Seconds To Midnight

Blank Time

Ominous trends continue to point the world to
Absolute self-annihilation. We are a threat
To ourselves so it seems. People sound the alarm
Constantly. No one listens. We do ourselves harm
By not doing so and we may come to regret
All the destructive activity that we do.

Earth experienced its hottest year on record
Only last year. There were massive floods and wildfires.
Other climate-related disasters affect
Millions of people worldwide. Why can’t we respect
Mother Nature? Can’t one of our strongest desires
Be to come to some kind of a global accord?

There’s an ever-present danger of weapons of
Mass destruction continuing to escalate.
China, Russia, and the United States are the
Leading powers. It sucks that we cannot agree
About much. Any dialogue may come too late
To save us. We’re a world quite deficient in love.

Everyone on earth has at least some interest
In reducing the likelihood of our doing
Catastrophic harm to earth and the human race.
Is there one principle that we all can embrace?
Is a  consensus on world peace worth pursuing?
Is a loving world one which we can manifest?

You Can’t Stop Existing

Outer Vision

Everything is but one thing. You, me… everything
In existence is of but one intelligence…
One existence, one self-awareness, one being.
All the representations that you are seeing
Are illusions. You try hard to make them make sense
But you find it sometimes futile and frustrating.

Time is a side effect of your own consciousness
Shifting through billions of different parallel
Versions of this reality every moment.
Everything is here and now. You cannot prevent
It from being so. You have your story to tell
Of all that is, which is all that you can express.

You don’t have to learn to attract what you need. Be
The vibration that you prefer – in alignment
With your truth. Let go of the things that are blocking
What you want from becoming because it’s knocking
At your door. Make your happiness your assignment.
What’s to be manifested is done already.

You exist and You Can’t Stop Existing because
Existence is your fundamental quality.
You can never become nonexistent. You can
Change from one form to another but other than
That you can’t not exist. Throughout eternity
You exist according to spiritual laws.

Mirror Reflections

Office Blur

“There’s so much that I want to do. How can I find
Time to do it all? In my own experience
I’m disorganized. My life seems to be a mess.
I cannot get a handle on it all unless
I can find clarity. My distress is immense
To the point where I can’t get it out of my mind.”

Take a deep breath. Relax. Everything is alright.
Synchronicity is the thing at issue here.
It’s the organizing principle that you need
To discover. Eventually you’ll succeed
To the point where it all becomes perfectly clear.
There’s no reason for you to get yourself uptight.

You may think you need to do more than you need to
At any given moment or you’re not truly
Completely aligned with acting on your passion
So you’re doing things in a haphazard fashion.
Your passion is the necessary energy
For the organization of your life and you.

The organizing principle brings you the way
To do things that don’t require as much time as you
May perceive that is needed. Synchronicity
Happens when you approach your life passionately
And you’ll find that you’ll have very little to do.
You’ll have much more time to simply relax and play.

Your Greater Inner Freedom

Freedom And Joy

Those who now understand your own inner workings
Are most fortunate. You must beseech yourselves to
Creating a more positive earth atmosphere.
In a world inundated with hatred and fear
It may be that our survival is up to you.
People who hold the light can do amazing things.

If like most of us you don’t seem to realize
What goes on in your inner world some adjusting
Is needed but you will eventually see
What is truthful and how of service you can be
To the world. Inner freedom relies on trusting
In benevolence. Those who believe this are wise.

You allow the freedom which already exists
Inside to surface when you decide to do so.
Each of us is a bright, effervescent creature
Of divine light. We have as an added feature
Enough love in our hearts that we’re able to grow
Even as negativity on earth persists.

Look no further than within for the qualities
Of compassion and caring. They lie inside you
Begging for the opportunity to rise and
Shine the way so that all consciousness may expand.
Present your truest essence in all that you do.
You can maintain alignment with relative ease.

Just A Few Laughs Away

Group Happiness

It’s so wonderful to come together with those
Like you who have come to the same understanding.
You’re determined to feel better. Your willingness
To find ways to get happy leads to your success
At most anything. Your presence is commanding
As through you, energy from your higher self flows.

Everyday because of the context in which you
Are focused you acknowledge that things could be more
To your liking. You know how to enter the mode
Of receiving. Your life is one huge episode
Of joyful adventure. More than ever before
You have confidence in knowing what next to do.

How you feel is worth dealing with. Your wellbeing
Depends on it. Find some process that makes you feel
A bit better. Play down anything negative
And play up everything positive. If you live
By this rule you may find that life is ideal.
Difficult situations are worth your fleeing.

You’re Just A Few Laughs Away from letting a whole
Lot of good stuff in. Make peace with where you are now.
Don’t be hard on yourself because you’re not where you
Want to be at the moment. Pay attention to
What you want then get into the mode to allow.
Happiness in life must be your primary goal.

Your Greatest Gifts


Peace and love are your covenants. Your wish for these
Qualities – these characteristics – is far from
Overlooked by those of us in nonphysical
Existence. Your existence is something special.
We in spirit take notice of what you’ve become.
You come to understanding with relative ease.

We hear, see, and feel every single thing you say,
Do, and think. Many others like us sense things well
Before you even begin to realize they
Are within your realm of experience. Today
And all days in a state of content you must dwell.
Let the love deep within you blossom as it may.

You’re not alone on your earth. You all have unseen,
Unheard, unfelt, and unknown beings working to
Support you during tough times along your journey.
They don’t see themselves as such. They do lovingly
What they do to offer proper guidance to you.
We co-create with you if you get what we mean.

The love which surrounds you from the invisible
World is enormous such that you cannot conceive.
Obstacles such as fear, greed, hatred, misery,
Doubt, and worry can all leave your life completely.
In your own capability you must believe.
The notion that you’re unworthy is risible.

Guilt And Responsibility

Justice Street

It can impact one’s self-worth but guilt can also
Slip into life dressed as responsibility.
When you’ve done something awful you feel guilt and shame
And it’s difficult because you’ve no one to blame
But yourself. Your true self you’re not able to be
Even if what has happened was so long ago.

People go through a long process of letting go
Of their guilt and shame before they’re actually
Willing to allow themselves to experience
Responsibility in a positive sense.
You know that you’ve acted out of integrity
But let not that prevent you from wanting to grow.

Why wallow in self-judgment? By doing so you
Hold yourself in a place where you cannot allow
Energy to flow through you to get you aligned
With the next proper action. Don’t be so unkind
To yourself. Remember, that was then. This is now.
Keep yourself focused now on the right thing to do.

Burdensome is the feeling of negative space
In your soul. Guilt and shame are self-sabotaging.
Accept responsibility for what you do
And get on with your life. The evolved part of you
Will guide you in doing the appropriate thing.
What you will do from now on is what to embrace.

Your Greatness Awaits

Happy People

Your species wants for itself to be more aligned
With the principles of peace and understanding
And of joy unimaginable and you’re near
The achievement of this. But for hatred and fear
You would know of your greatness. No one’s demanding
That you do so but true happiness you may find.

It’s your imagination alone that will bring
About these pleasures, joys, and wonders of your hearts
To explore and to cherish. We understand your
Hopes for true guidance. You’re more than ever before
Ready to become masters of creative arts.
Your intention to be happy means everything.

You’ve been seeking your inner worth with earnestness
But when you strive toward anything you push it
Away from you. By wanting less you will gain more.
This conundrum perplexes you right to the core
Of your beings. It would be to your benefit
To look inward where you will have better success.

Your capacity to love is great. Once you know
This you’ll see yourself above earthly existence.
Your inner spirit will rise as you’ve commanded
Because your consciousness will have been expanded.
As your teachers we have unyielding confidence
In your love and in your propensity to grow.

Countdown To Contact

Alien Greeting

Any alien civilization that knows
Of our existence would be significantly
More advanced than we are. There’s no need for us to
Send out messages to them. From their point of view
For first contact to happen we’re more than ready
But for now they remain in the cosmic shadows.

Our knowledge of intelligent alien life
Is more likely to come from a different place
Like an observatory rather from a ship
That arrives suddenly. Scientists say the trip
Would be impossible because there’s too much space
Between them and us. With many theories we’re rife.

They believe that intelligent life does exist
Elsewhere in our own galaxy. If this is so
Would they want to contact us the way that we are?
Our involvement with war and greed means we’re quite far
From a nice place to visit, but for all we know,
With our issues they may have come here to assist.

It’s a fact that we’re not alone. Intelligent
Life exists far beyond the stars. This knowledge should
Speed up our own political maturity.
How does our worldwide ethics and morality
Measure up with the way goodness is understood?
Have we found the place of love and enlightenment?

Your True Worth


You’re not about to fall off the face of the earth
Rather you will learn to recognize that your place
Is upon it and you will come to realize
Your potential for kindness and joy. You are wise
To proceed in this manner. Let infinite grace
Rain upon you. The basis of your life is mirth.

As you pursue only that which pleases you to
The very core of your being you find success
In the art of creating deliberately.
In this dimension you’ve learned to live happily
For the most part. The zest for life that you express
Is the thing of most value there is about you.

You’re all here to perform services that propel
You forward collectively. Your souls desire this
Greatly and it’s the reason you came at this time.
Not much about this reality is sublime
If you’ve never experienced states of pure bliss.
Stop to think of all the things that are going well.

Understand that your truest worth and power lie
Within as they always have so do resurrect
This aspect of your knowing to your benefit.
Happiness happens when you decide to permit
Only thoughts that enhance your sense of self-respect.
Evolution of your race is the reason why.

Being Natural

Nature Work

The momentum of the growth of technology
Increases exponentially. It’s in no way
Not unnatural for human evolution
To speed up as we seek the perfect solution
To existence. In this complex world that we play
We become a hybrid form of humanity.

That computers and the internet came to be
Is because the earth asked humanity to find
The solutions to problems of the biosphere.
As custodians of the planet we are here
To support nature’s needs by devoting the mind
To the development of good technology.

The Common Mycelium Network is akin
To our own social systems. We communicate
Through technology and when we’re disconnected,
Like a tree in a planter, we’re not protected
With vital information. We’re stuck in a state
Of acute isolation much to our chagrin.

Deepening our connection to nature is good
For our mental health. Strip away gradually
All the unnatural layers. Walk with your bare feet
Through the soil. Be mindful of the things that you eat
And find ways to live your life more naturally.
Evolution of nature proceeds as it should.

Your Truest Wealth

Rain Of Cash

Dearest friends, our grandest wishes are for you all
To realize your potential worth as humans –
As energetic beings – as sources of love
And of joy. There’s so much wellbeing to speak of.
If we don’t say so ourselves you’re in perfect hands.
Your value to the universe cannot be small.

Your earthly ancestors put themselves out there for
You to realize your own propensity to
Love yourselves and your entire life experience.
Your inner wealth is the only wealth that makes sense
Because it can bring instant happiness to you.
It’s the kind of wealth where you can only get more.

Your inner worth is the only wealth worth seeking
Whether you’re aware of it or not. We beseech
You to look within for it. Indeed you will find
Information of benefit to humankind.
Your enlightenment as a race is within reach.
Benefit from the truth that we are now speaking.

Your planet is going through an enormous shift
In consciousness – one unseen and unheralded
Before by your masses. Your earth environment
Will be going through changes that will represent
How severe times will be. As you’re looking ahead
In thought, word, and deed do only things that uplift.

Alien Perspective

Alien Encounter

How the universe sees us is something that’s known
By the aliens. Coming from somewhere in space
They’re among us and they have our story to tell
To our faces. Don’t worry that it won’t go well.
Actually it may put a smile on the face
Of the weary to which some relief can be shown.

We’ve chosen to forget who we are so that we
Rediscover ourselves from a new perspective.
With forgetting comes the ability to choose
Negative ways of thinking. Our limited views
Of existence determine the lives that we live.
So in living why do we have difficulty?

We buy into certain ways of understanding.
We’ve forgotten that physical reality
Is a mental projection such as in a dream.
We tend to take things then to the very extreme.
Reinforcement of our negative energy
Keep us stuck. Our consciousness isn’t expanding.

We are master transformers of thought energy
And as such we’re a master class of very strong
Spirit beings who can change darkness into light,
Limitation to freedom, and wrongness to right.
At the rate we’re going will it take very long
For us to remember who we came here to be?

Listen With Your Heart

Social Conflict

Everything that we know we must know in a way
That upsets and causes people to congregate
And wreak havoc in public. No one can deny
That the world is in trouble and no one knows why
Because it’s complicated. What can be our fate
If in a state of peace we’re unable to stay?

The cause of human suffering is in the mind.
We process information as symbology
That we treat as the truth which is a huge mistake.
Be discerning of all the agreements you make
With yourself and with others continually.
Be grateful for the smidgen of peace that you find.

Learn to be skeptical but Listen With Your Heart.
It’s were truth resides but it can be distorted
By your words and symbols. They turn out to be lies
When within you there’s a tendency to despise
And the peace that you want remains unsupported.
With oneself is where one must be willing to start.

Use the power of doubt to challenge everything
Offered to you but listen to what’s being said.
Mastery of the human mind requires complete
Attention to your inner truth. It’s when you meet
Up with your heart and try to stay out of your head
That you’ll come to some kind of an understanding.

It’s Ready! Are You?

Pleasant Day

When you’re looking to manifest something you may
Think that you’re manifesting the actual thing
But you’re not. You’re creating the environment
That allows what you’re wanting. When feeling content
You’re aligned with what you want to start happening.
You know that what you’re wanting is well on its way.

So it’s not like you’re going out and getting it.
If that’s your approach then you’re more keenly aware
Of its absence and what you want can’t come to be.
Line up with the vibrational reality
Of what you have created with such loving care.
Everything is evolving to your benefit.

What you want is already completely prepared
And lined up for you. If it’s not manifested
In the physical it means that you’re not ready
To receive yet so just clean up your energy
And be more optimistic of what lies ahead.
You receive when your passion for life is declared.

Your emotions are manifestations as are
Your ideas and insights. Accept them as such.
You’re creating momentum as you feel your way
To what you want. Joy is but a small price to pay
For a life of abundance. Always keep in touch
With you feelings. From them you should never be far.

Make No Assumptions

Doubtful Moment

He loves you therefore he should know just how you feel
Regarding any subject. He can’t read your mind
Nor can he know your feelings without your sharing
Them with him. Don’t assume that because he’s caring
He knows everything. Don’t be selfish and unkind.
Don’t put someone you say you love through this ordeal.

Have the courage to ask questions if you don’t know
What is happening. Don’t assume everybody
Thinks the same way that you do because most do not.
How you think about things doesn’t matter a lot
To most people unless you just happen to be
Someone popular with an enormous ego.

All sadness and drama are rooted in making
Assumptions and in taking things personally.
We knew nothing when we were born then we became
Inundated with facts with the primary aim
Of indoctrinating us to reality
As we know it. So much of it is heartbreaking.

Allow yourself to hear people. Be more present
In the moment. Don’t take things where they need not go.
The mind operates like an assuming machine.
It can put you unfortunately in between
A rock and a hard place and unable to grow.
Keep yourself away from such a predicament.

Help Change The World

Earth In Hand

Every little part of the earth works together
To have an equilibrium that we can call
The earth’s metabolism. The earth is alive
Just as all of its creatures that prosper and thrive.
Circulation and breath the earth have, after all.
 So can there be such a thing as stormy weather?

Living creatures on earth are its organs, which means
Life is interconnected. We all work for the
Maintenance of the earth as a living body.
We do that by the transforming of energy
Through awareness of how we feel internally.
We should know by now that we’re not simply machines.

Awareness is a powerful tool of the mind
Which is programmed to dream, to perceive, to create
A story – a symbology to make some sense
Of all that exists. It all has quite an intense
Affect on the earth’s feelings. It means that our fate
Is dependent upon thinking thoughts that are kind.

How do you change the world? Be happy in your dream.
Don’t spread gossip. Keep your thoughts as pure as can be.
Have respect for our mother earth on this fine day.
Think about her in a gentle and caring way.
She responds to the actions of humanity
And when we fail to listen things can get extreme.

No More Anger

Angry Teen

When becoming a spectacle of discontent
There’s no conscience to speak of. There’s only contempt
In the moment. You’re flustered. You don’t have control
Of yourself. You feel hate from the depths of your soul.
Not a human being on this earth is exempt
From this awful emotion of misalignment.

Whatever has you getting yourself so upset
That you fly off the handle has hooked onto you
Like a magnet and it’s a co-creative dance.
How do you get yourself out of this circumstance?
Step back from it. Do anything that you can do
To detach. Don’t do something that you will regret.

What do you do next? This is the question to ask
Of yourself. You don’t want to brood in it or talk
About it. Don’t use it as your excuse to be
Disconnected, uptight, and always ornery.
There’s no reason that you can’t learn to walk the walk
Of a different person. It’s not a huge task.

Talk yourself into knowing that it’s not okay
To deprive yourself of abundance, clarity,
Wellness, and all the things that you consider good
All to focus more on your injustice. You should
Count to ten. Breathe. Relax. There’s no reason to be
Reactive in a harmful or threatening way. 

Four Commandments

Group Devotion Session

Be impeccable with your word. That’s number one.
Stop complaining and gossiping. Don’t criticize
People and situations. Your word is one of
Your most powerful tools. You must use it to love
One another. Partake of these words of the wise.
Use your word to uplift and to shine like the sun.

Don’t take anything personally. Imagine
That someone who hates people says something to you
That’s offensive. It only means that they’re not well.
It has nothing to do with you so do not dwell
On the matter. You have much better things to do
With your energy. Detach from it with a grin.

Don’t make assumptions. If you’re in a position
Of authority and something doesn’t get done
Don’t assume the worst and react negatively.
Have the courage to communicate and you’ll be
In a much better alliance with everyone.
All assumptions are clearly worth your dismission.

Always do your best. Your best from one moment to
The next will change but under any circumstance
Simply do your best. Self-judgment, self-abuse, and
Regret are not necessary. Do understand
That your best in each moment will always enhance
The next moment as each one is crafted by you.

Power And Magic

Power In Hand

It’s the oldest religion known to humankind.
Magic is your ability to create and
Connect with universal intelligence to
Access the supernatural essence of you.
Get to know the awesome power you have at hand.
It’s the most valuable thing that you will find.

Power is needed in order to use magic.
Power is nothing but potential energy.
It can be used in billions of different ways.
Negatively it can be used or to amaze
Entertain, and delight people, and it can be
A tool for the creation of things fantastic.

At the same time power is nothing and something.
Energy in the atom is equal to mass
Times a really big number but naturally
It remains a potential form of energy.
Any resistance to this you need to bypass.
Hanging onto it only leads to suffering.

Your power is your spark. It is what makes you shine
Your light in the world. Magic is what you believe
To be possible. You’ve the power to create
Magic in your life. There’s no good reason to wait
This one out. Get yourself in the mode to receive
Information most directly from the divine.

Don’t Believe Me

Truth Teller

If you believe in reincarnation, it’s good
To see you again. If you don’t, noting I say
Will convince you to think the same way that I do.
Everyone has their particular point of view
Which can change significantly from day to day.
Many things people say are replete with falsehood.

Don’t Believe Me because what I’m telling you now
Is a story. It’s how I see life but it’s true
For me only. I can’t expect you to believe
In my conscious experience. How I perceive
Is unique but it need not be proven to you.
Who would want to get inside my head anyhow?

A wild horse is the mind. It takes you anywhere
That it wants to. It’s a thing you must learn to tame.
Listen to what it’s telling you but don’t become
A victim of its many lies. Get away from
Its influence. You have only yourself to blame
For not giving your consciousness its proper care.

Don’t Believe Me or anyone. The sun will be
In the sky every single day. You don’t need to
Believe in the truth for it to be the truth and
It’s available to you once you understand.
Learn to listen to the still voice inside of you.
It’s the only one that speaks to you truthfully.

Remember Who You Are


Many times we feel fear. The human condition
Is such that negative emotion is a cave
In which we are all hiding. Sometimes we may feel
That life isn’t worth living. The feeling is real
To the point where our souls we’re not able to save.
It is difficult to be in this position.

Yet there are times of happiness so we can be
Skeptical. We can learn to listen with our hearts
Rather than with the confused voices in our heads.
We can rip the script that they’re reading from to shreds.
Our intention is to master the loving arts
And to live life outside of the cave happily.

Don’t believe all those negative emotions that
Create poisonous stories. Don’t spew them around
Because they keep you in the cave. It’s time that you
Change your message. Empower your word. As you do
A new sense of respect for yourself will be found.
You’ll be free of the problem of mental chitchat.

We’re given this wonderful opportunity
To get out of the cave that we have created.
Within the utter darkness you can be the light
To lead others knowing that everything’s alright
Once that you’ve been properly indoctrinated.
You’re a messenger of peace, love, and harmony.

Between The Lines

Flowers And Lines

Everything that exists is one being. You are
A mirror that reflects light and I’m looking in
The mirror. What prevents me from seeing clearly
Are my own misperceptions. What I want to see
Is the light but there’s smoke in the way. It’s akin
To the darkness that happens with a dying star.

I can’t see the pure love. I’ve a distorted view
Of everything. Ever since I was a child I
Had made many agreements with those who raised me
And with governing structures of society.
Seldom did I ever think to ask myself why
Living up to most of them was so hard to do.

We have been told our entire lives that we need to
Respect elders and authority and we’re told
That we aren’t good enough to pursue certain things
And that thinking about doing them only brings
About failure. We succumb to these manifold
Destructive affirmations and bleak points of view.

Most agreements that I’ve made are old and worn out.
Some are not even truthful. I need to get rid
Of the ones that are no longer helpful to me.
Once the smoke begins clearing how nice it will be.
What’s been done that’s not working can now be undid.
Making new agreements is worth thinking about.

The Impossible Dream

Urban Depression

What you’re seeing and hearing right now is nothing
But a dream. At this moment you’re dreaming with the
Brain awake yet the dream of the planet prevails.
It’s a dream with myriad explicit details
And it’s lived out by all human society.
Onto this way of being you were taught to cling.

The dream of this planet and of society
Is one of rules, beliefs, laws, religions, cultures,
Social events, schools, governments, and holidays.
People come up with grossly elaborate ways
Just to be here as humans. As the dream endures
You believe that it’s the only reality.

You did not have the opportunity to choose
Your beliefs. As a child they were forced upon you
And your domestication brings you suffering.
The emotional drama is a constant thing
To be dealt with in this world. So what can you do
To live your life correctly so that you won’t lose?

Your own personal dream does not have to become
An ongoing nightmare. It can be otherwise.
You’ve made tons of agreements with who, what, and where…
But the ones you make with yourself give special care.
Do whatever in your dream that most satisfies
Your fulfillment. Your heart is where it must come from.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Being Out Loud

When you say that you’ll do something for someone, you
Ought to do it no matter what and graciously.
Any kind of behavior contrary to this
Leads the soul down a corridor to an abyss
Of darkness due to conscious impropriety.
Treat people with proper respect in what you do.

You may be far more impeccable with others
Than you are with yourself. For example, when you
Tell yourself that you’re going to work out today
And you don’t then you might feel some bit of dismay
Because to your own promise you haven’t been true.
You have done what the lesser part of you prefers.

It means much more than doing what you say you’ll do.
Being impeccable with your word means to be
Perpetually truthful in thought, word, and deed.
Living this way, emotional poison is freed
From the depths of the impressionable psyche.
Being truthful will bring many blessings to you.

Be Impeccable With Your Word. It’s the correct
Use of your energy. The intention alone
To be truthful will trigger a change in your heart.
In your own transformation you play a huge part.
To you only that which is truthful will be shown.
It truly elevates your sense of self-respect.

Soon To Come

Feeling Of Freedom

Be alright with what hasn’t yet manifested
Because simply thinking about it makes you feel
Satisfaction in knowing that it will become
Realized as long as you’re not beating the drum
Of its absence. What could be more to your appeal
For the moment? Being joyful is suggested.

Once you’ve given birth to it you’ve got to begin
Lining up with it otherwise you can’t receive
The informative guidance through intuition.
What you want cannot evolve into fruition.
First a fantastic state of mind you must achieve
Otherwise it won’t happen, much to your chagrin.

You can’t want it then doubt it. That doesn’t make sense
But you do it sometimes almost unconsciously
Because of your learned habits. You can let those go
Along with all the things that are causing you woe.
You can simply want it and then shout out with glee
Knowing that what you want to happen will commence.

In the receptive mode is where you want to be.
All the time your path is being revealed to you.
The Source within you tells you that things are alright.
Let it guide you to feelings of utter delight.
Listen to it. It’s always the right thing to do.
Your purpose here is to live your life happily.

How To Get What’s Not Coming


“It’s not coming,” to yourself you keep on saying
And it won’t if you continue beating this drum.
It’s apparent. The thing you want hasn’t come yet
And your focus upon this will only beget
The same unfulfilled feeling. What you want can’t come
Because your attitude is too self-betraying.

Be a perfect vibrational match to what you
Want to happen. There can be no contradiction
Within you about having it. Sadness of face
Keeps one from the receiving of infinite grace.
No one will tolerate the grotesque infliction
Of your story upon them. You know this is true.

When you have a desire and continually
Notice that what you want has not yet been achieved
You enhance the vibration of not having it
So in order to get it it’s best that you quit
Focusing on its absence. It will be received
By you only if you live your life happily.

To what you want you want to give your attention –
Not upon its not having been manifested
As of yet. You can speak more about what’s to come.
You can get a whole lot of satisfaction from
Simply telling it so it can be digested
Easily. ‘What is’ isn’t worthy of mention.

The Power Of Non-Resistance


Some people are outrageously wicked and mean.
How could one give them the time of day let alone
Try to love them? Despise them I do with every
Part of me. Indeed I can’t see objectively.
I cannot find a place in my heart on my own
To accept them and thus keep my vibration clean.

But it’s my nature to love. I know this to be
So because I can feel it and I recognize
It in others. I don’t see it in everyone
As I should so I know there’s some work to be done
On my part. What would my inner being advise?
I believe it knows very well what’s best for me.

When I’m not loving it’s not that I’m wrong about
How despicable they are. It’s just that I must
See the value in what they’re presenting to me.
Though there are areas where we cannot agree
In their links to their inner beings I must trust.
Loving truly does not leave any room for doubt.

Those who aren’t all that lovable are my greatest
Advantage because they cause me to realize
My emotions and also what I would prefer.
My life would be less complicated if I were
More accepting of all that I know to be wise.
When I am nonresistant I’m my happiest.

Emotion And Manifestation

Group Meditation

An event, action, or object that clearly shows
Or embodies something especially something
That’s abstract like and idea or a theory…
It’s a good definition so don’t be leary
Of the point here. Manifestation means to bring
Something into being. This everybody knows.

Manifestations are things like breathing in air
And exhaling. Where you are right now is also
Something brought into being. This very moment
And everything about it all does represent
Nothingness gaining somethingness. It’s good to know
That you manifest anytime and anywhere.

The importance of this manifested moment
Cannot be overemphasized and emotion
Gives it power. When you want something earnestly
Your emotion is what will make it come to be
So when you’re manifesting give much devotion
To the feeling of your being fully content.

Find the feeling place of what you want and practice
It and know it and own it until you become
Absolutely one with it. Determination
To feel it will enhance its manifestation.
How you feel is where all of your power comes from.
Think of what you could manifest when you’re in bliss.

The Problem And Its Purpose

Wake Up Call

Such a big problem solver you happen to be
But you’re not the problem solver. You’re the maker
Of the problem which means that you’re the solution
Allower. You’re the cause of its evolution
Into rectification. Don’t be a taker
Of action when with life you’re not in harmony.

You cannot solve a problem but you can allow
The solution to manifest. You operate
From a flawed premise if you think you need to force
Things to happen. This makes some sense to you of course.
So why not keep yourself in the solution state?
Your emotional guidance system shows you how.

The problem has served its purpose. Now let it go.
Don’t go back and mine it for justification
Or for your sense of worthiness. Just let it be
What it is – something that you can solve easily
As you tune into your vortex of creation.
Unto you the solutions to problems will flow.

Look forward. Forward is expansive and freeing
So do give it your undivided attention.
It’s where infinite intelligence operates.
Get yourself in the mode to receive what awaits.
You’ll be blessed in ways beyond your comprehension.
It’s the place where you’ll find ultimate wellbeing.

Delegate To The Universe

Spiritual Group

People put way too much effort into living.
Busy schedules and deadlines keep us in a state
Of anxiety constantly. Is it okay
For the body and soul to go on in this way?
One can live well by learning to appreciate
Everything in existence that is life giving.

Set some time aside to pay more attention to
The spiritual part of you. Get away from
The chaos and confusion for just a short while.
You can do this no matter what kind of lifestyle
You may have. Meditation can help you become
More relaxed. It’s one of many things you can do.

This intelligent universe knows all about
Who you are down to the most explicit detail.
It knows your thoughts and feelings and what excites you.
It wants to help you in everything that you do.
When you look at your life in this way you can’t fail
But you must not harbor any lingering doubt.

Delegate To The Universe. It doesn’t mind
Taking some of the load off of your busy day.
Tell the universe exactly what you want done
Then go off and have all kinds of outrageous fun.
Your workload will diminish for you in this way.
It’s the best orchestrator of things you will find.

Unfulfilled Desire

Strongly Hopeful

Are you right now in vibrational alignment
With the problem or with the solution? You can
Get so solution oriented that you know
For damned sure that the things that you ask for will flow
Into your life. You manifest much better than
You may think. You may think you need some refinement.

You’re connected to Source Energy. Resources
Are available to you to guide you to where
You most want to be. The moment you give birth to
A desire the universe delivers to you
All the clues necessary to take you right there.
You’re taken care of by spiritual forces.

Into the future you can propel the problem
With you mind and the solution will follow suit
If you let go of worry and take it easy.
Look for reasons to feel good. There are so many
To consider. Partake of the low hanging fruit
Of your life. Find some puppies and give love to them.

Let the things that feel good to you call out to you.
Don’t beat up on yourself when you’re in a moment
Of not being able to find wholeness. Instead
Find the most relief possible. Don’t fill your head
With ideas and opinions that will prevent
Your most cherished of dreams from ever coming true.

Benefits Of Distraction

Relaxation At Dusk

“How do I want and just kind of leave it alone
So that what I want happens?”
By feeling worthy

You can do it. When you want it and expect it
Then things will come together for your benefit.
The perfect solution comes to you easily
And quickly if you’re not negativity prone.

Don’t keep asking the question repeatedly so
Because it holds you in a place of the absence
Of what you want. It’s a different frequency
Than the very thing that you want to come to be.
Keep yourself in a state of expectant suspense
Then into your life many a blessing will flow.

You’ve already asked for it. Allow it to come
By taking your mind off of it. Find something to
Distract you from its absence. You could meditate
For a while until you get yourself feeling great
Once again then find something fulfilling to do.
Negativity you want to stay away from.

Going general is also an excellent
Tool to use to distract yourself. “Things are always
Working out for me. I’m in a wonderful place
And I’m worthy of being here. Infinite grace
Rains upon me.”
An attitude such as this pays

Exponentially. Your life is one huge event.

What Is Now And What’s Coming

Group Surprise

You don’t need anyone else to agree with you
About what you want, and of course, that sounds absurd
But your focus should only be on your desire
So some discipline on your part it does require.
It must not feel at all like fulfillment deferred.
You do whatever your heart is inspired to do.

What you want is still in its vibrational state
Which means you can’t perceive it but you can feel it
And attune to its frequency. You can be one
With the thing that you want then consider it done.
You attract by the energy that you transmit.
You want always to deliberately create.

When ‘what is’ holds your attention then you’re not in
The receiving mode. You don’t pick up on the clues
Laid out for you. Your timing’s off. You can’t relate
To most people and you cannot appreciate
Possible blessings coming. Your attitude screws
With your purpose. At the game of life you can’t win.

You must be satisfied with what’s coming although
It’s the vibrational version. Know that it will
Manifest. What Is Now And What’s Coming are two
Different frequencies and what’s waiting for you
Is a wonderful life. Can’t you go for the thrill
Of what’s coming especially since you don’t know?