General Disagreement

Mirroring Authority

On the negative side there’s so much to be seen.
It seems to be capacitive as in voltage –
The pressure, as attention to tension contrasts
The inverse of aggression. Obsessive broadcasts
Of inherent disease accented by pure rage
Is but one way to treat the heart, but it is mean.

One can get to the positive one of two ways:
Either back through the circuitry where the unseen
Works its way through connections we thought we had lost,
Or across the short space gap at risk of some cost
To the magnetic ego. But all becomes clean
In the spark of the spirit empowered to raise.

Is it also inductive? As blood currents flow
Through the bodily systems, emotions are stirred
But they’re ill due to trauma. The drama intake
Far exceeds rated amperage. Though the heartache
To be peaceful when something other is preferred
Is a small price to pay for the gift one should show.

Life is not without conflict and bad circuitry
Where all discrete components have gone to make room
For the next generation of plastic endowed
With proprietary coded thoughtware to crowd
The most vacant of space a cheap thing might assume.
The on/off switch is magic. So please disagree.

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