The Fertile Subconscious

Deep Subliminal Urges

Some have said that it’s fertile. The subconscious realm
Exists outside of reason. To reach it one must
Clear the mind of its clutter then program it still.
Not by sources from outside but through one’s own will
Is connection available. I’ve learned to trust
Navigating this sea with no one at the helm.

It consists of deep feelings, among other things
Of the aqueous nature. A soup of context
Best describes what it feels like. I find myself food
For the thoughts of all others just as they are viewed
As my source of consumption. Whatever comes next
Is unknown yet expected. Enjoyment this brings.

Social distancing favors connections that are
Telepathic and virtual in a venue
Having not much to do with the dandy device.
Well-programmed for invasion, it knows to make nice
Which makes me not decisive. At least I should do
Something totally natural and not bizarre.

Going inward is heavy, but to the lightweight,
Such as I, it becomes clearly another chance
For release of my essence for its only sake.
Only in my so doing will I come awake
To the tune of life’s music then learn how to dance.
For the world who would know me, I’m here to create.

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