Curriculum Of Feeling

Desire For Depth

Daily routine is cool only if there is much
Infinite exploration where living is fun.
I can feel self-discovery and all the things
That cause awe and excitement. My childish heart sings
Right on key in the schoolhouse made for everyone.
To best see what I’m knowing I must learn to touch.

My familiar surroundings bring comfort to me.
Though it is safe to have them I do want some change.
I can transform the earth according to her laws
And the mind ever mutable yet with its flaws
Is the cure for my boredom, as sound it may strange.
A complete education is ever to be.

Foreign lands I may travel to in times of peace
But for now telepathically lessons must flow
Between master and student. The teaching proceeds
As the learning continues. Greater are the needs
Of the youngest among us who must come to know
What it is that befalls us, then give it release.

If my freedom is threatened, I learn but not well.
What seduces my focus corrupts what is learned.
So I must stay directed. If I am afraid
Such a lethal distraction will yield a bad grade.
What indeed is the issue? Need I be concerned
That I am such a student that one could expel?

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