Do I Feel Like A Weapon?

How to deal with my anger… It will take me down!
It, in itself, is what I’m fighting. So why
Do I seek a thing outside me to cause me rage?
I know that it is senseless, yet still I engage
In the warfare of pettiness. I can’t comply
With Established malpractices. They make me frown.

I suppose I’m a bigot. I don’t care for pigs.
I will eat them at breakfast, so not all are bad.
But I cannot look up to one wearing a suit.
Money cannot be evil. Ill heart is the root
Of any interaction that makes me feel sad.
Customers get their Service much as the dog digs.

I must learn to choose battles, if life is a war,
Where there’s no in the meantime to comfort the now.
I must know that my ego is just part of me.
It and I share a freedom. We need not agree.
Should one hell of a mad-on become a death vow?
When I engage in battle, I ask for but more.

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