What Am I Seeking?


I want more, but what of? I cannot clearly see.
Possibilities populate densely my heart.
I could get more specific. There’s pleasure and wealth…
Love for God and for country, and excellent health.
I exist now. Can this be an adequate start?
I know that what I’m seeking resides within me.

All I want is expansion. That’s basic enough
For the weary mind needing release from the fog.
Every wish has one purpose: That I can be more
Than I was before wanting my spirit to soar.
To engage the Almighty in warm dialogue
Is something to consider when wanting gets rough.

I just want to be happy as I make my way
Toward myself as reflected in all that I see.
There’s no stress in my wanting to be who I am.
Ecstasy I may find with a simple program.
Seek contentment in self, then the spirit is free
To receive what is wanted each and every day.

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