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Your Greater Inner Freedom

Freedom And Joy

Those who now understand your own inner workings
Are most fortunate. You must beseech yourselves to
Creating a more positive earth atmosphere.
In a world inundated with hatred and fear
It may be that our survival is up to you.
People who hold the light can do amazing things.

If like most of us you don’t seem to realize
What goes on in your inner world some adjusting
Is needed but you will eventually see
What is truthful and how of service you can be
To the world. Inner freedom relies on trusting
In benevolence. Those who believe this are wise.

You allow the freedom which already exists
Inside to surface when you decide to do so.
Each of us is a bright, effervescent creature
Of divine light. We have as an added feature
Enough love in our hearts that we’re able to grow
Even as negativity on earth persists.

Look no further than within for the qualities
Of compassion and caring. They lie inside you
Begging for the opportunity to rise and
Shine the way so that all consciousness may expand.
Present your truest essence in all that you do.
You can maintain alignment with relative ease.

Feeling Good Stories

Family Time

If someone comes up to you and starts telling you
About all of their troubles in vivid detail,
You might feel somewhat put upon. You’ll listen to
Their unfortunate story, then you will feel blue
Having heard it, and thoughts of concern may prevail.
You feel stuck because there’s nothing for you to do.

By the same token, if someone comes up to you
With an uplifting story, then you’re energized
And delighted to hear it. You want to hear more.
The excitement of others is what you adore.
Telling positive stories therefore is advised.
Take full advantage of what you know to be true.

Tell your story the right way so that others will
Be uplifted which means tell it the way that you
Would have it be told to you by someone who knows
All the good things about you. Forget about those
Imperfections you nurture. The world takes its cue
From your story and from your story telling skill.

Your story can affect others in a good way
Or a bad one depending on your vibration.
Keep it upbeat and ready to take on contrast.
It does no good for you to adhere to your past
Tribulations. Take into consideration
All the wonderful things that can brighten your day.